* Results ARE typical and to be expected with MBT. Why?

There is nothing like the power of consistency. We'll help you stay consistent meal by meal, workout by workout, day by day!

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Starting a "diet" and exercise plan is easy...

Sticking with it is very hard.

MyBodyTutor's daily one-on-one personal tutoring helps you actually stick with it by providing daily and personal accountability like no other service in the world. This is why we get the results we do.

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If you have trouble staying consistent with your diet and/or exercise MBT is for you!

Consistency is the key to your success! Unfortunately, it's just too easy to make excuses and procrastinate. It's even easier to rationalize and justify poor eating and lack of exercise.

We've helped countless people of all ages, sizes and shapes get the body they want by helping them stay consistent meal by meal, workout by workout, day by day.

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  • Irene
  • Mark
  • Stephanie
  • Danny
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  • Anthony

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Most importantly, what our clients are saying:

"MBT is the most effective and efficient way I have ever seen to get fit and healthy!" -Ruth M

"No book, program, weekly meeting or whatever people try to do to lose weight will give you as much support as MBT does." -Samantha H

"MBT works incredibly well because if I mess up on Monday, you catch it before I mess up on Tuesday." -Dara G

"MBT is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple! Having tried countless programs before MBT, none have come even close to how effective MBT is. I've been able to completely change my food and exercise habits!" -Jason L

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