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When I first launched this company back in February of 2007 I had all of my articles ‘locked up’ only for my clients. I decided that when I redid my website I was going to ‘unlock’ all of my articles so everyone can read them...

Lifestyle & Nutrition

The MyBodyTutor lifestyle is extremely easy to follow, healthy and very sustainable! Jump right in and learn why my clients are loving it. Hate being hungry? This is just for you!

Emotional Eating

It's never about the food! The only way to get and stay fit is to understand why you want to eat and what you’re really hungry for in the first place. MBT will absolutely help you stop mindless, emotional and habitual eating! In the meantime, jump right in for some tips, tricks and techniques...


Shatter the myths you have believed about exercise. When you have a great exercise regimen it'll become one of the most rewarding parts of your day for so many different reasons...

How To...

Being healthy and fit is a choice! And the choices you make can lead to a happy, healthy and fit lifestyle. Learn how to make the changes that matter, and forget about the rest...

Stop wishing for a better body!


Stop hoping too. "Wish in one hand, crap in the other. See which one fills up first." We'll help you turn your wishes into reality!

Find out how!

hockey2_smObjects in Motion

Consistently feel energized and pumped up.

Objects at rest… stay at rest! Objects in motion… stay in motion. We’ll make sure you do just that!

– Adam Gilbert, MBT Founder