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Exercise Articles

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When I first launched this company back in January of 2007 I had all of my articles ‘locked up’ only for my clients. I decided that when I redid my website I was going to ‘unlock’ all of my articles so everyone can read them...

Exercise isn’t only for your looks, you know!

There are so many health reasons to exercise besides getting that flat stomach or 
gaining lean muscle mass, including a significantly reduced risk of heart disease, 
stroke, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes just to name a few!

Date Published: November 05, 2008

Why you should exercise

Exercise is a KEY to happiness. Research shows that people who exercise are healthier, more energetic, think more clearly, sleep better, and have delayed onset of dementia.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

Some tips to keep you exercising consistently

Your idea of fun might not be exercise. If it is call me and we’ll do lunch. But most likely it’s not. It’s probably watching reality TV or hanging with your friends and family or even staying late at work.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

When should I Change Up My Workout?

Repeating the same workouts for at least three weeks in a row allows you to build 
strength and endurance. It's impossible for your body to adapt to a workout in that 
short a time.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

Exercising NOW Keeps your risk for Hypertension Low Later on

Exercising in your teens and 20s could help 
keep high blood pressure at bay over the longer term, a new study finds.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

What Should You Feel After Exercising?

Date Published: November 05, 2008

Would I get the same benefits from breaking up my cardio into shorter 
intervals on the treadmill?

Not really and here's why: The longer the cardio session, the better the afterburn.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

Is it better to eat a meal before or after I workout? Why?

Date Published: November 05, 2008
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