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How to tell what someone really cares about

A lot of people always talk about what they want to do, what they want to accomplish, what they meant do, their intentions, how they want to change the world and on and on and on.

It seems as though everyone has intentions of doing big things. Clearly, sadly and unfortunately, that’s not the case. Most people are talkers, rather than doers. Let’s face it. It’s a lot easier to talk than do.

It’s the people who actually follow through on their intentions that get the glory in this world. But some people believe that there is no relationship between what a person is and what a person does. This is bull shit. Unless you are schizophrenic, you become your actions. In a world where people are moving a million miles per minute how can you actually tell what someone really cares about?

Look at their calendar! It’s that simple.

Your calendar never lies. All we have is our time. The way we spend our time is our priorities, is our strategy. Your calendar knows what you really care about.

Do you?

If someone says exercising is so important to them, do they make time for exercise? I tell my clients all the time – you won’t find time to exercise, you have to make time. It’s the same thing with everything else. I never understand people who work 20 hour days yet preach about how important their family is to them. Really? People who are always busy like to be busy. That’s important to them. If they are not busy, they go crazy. People who are always unhappy like to be unhappy.

If you spend your time, your precious time, being unhappy then evidently you like to be unhappy, whether you realize it or not. I’m not saying there is anything right or wrong with these. How you spend your time is your business. It’s your life. I just think it’s fascinating to figure out what’s actually really important to you (compared to what you say is really important) whether you realize it or not. My bet is you don’t even realize it.

If you really want to do something, to make something happen, you have to stay consistent and most importantly, make time for it!

If you make excuses and find it very difficult to stay consistent with your health and fitness I can help you!


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