Have you ever wondered why some people lose weight for good... while others are on the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting?

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No. The first group has none of those things. I know this because I've taught hundreds of clients how to lose weight and keep it off... for good.

But I'd be lying to you if I said my clients didn't have an advantage...

They had a huge advantage. And I'm going to share EXACTLY what it is with you.

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How Caroline Lost 42 Pounds And Started Her Career As A Model

The Challenge: Caroline believed food was the enemy. When she first joined MBT, Caroline had a strong love/hate relationship with food from all of her years of yo-yo dieting. Caroline believed that not eating was the key to losing weight. (Little did she know her lack of eating was causing her body to store excess weight!)

The Solution: From day one, we started working on her mindset. (Before you ever see a shift on the outside, you must first make a shift on the inside.) We helped her go from seeing food as the enemy to seeing food as fuel that gives her energy. We created a customized diet for Caroline that she felt completely comfortable with. One that she felt she could actually stick with. Because after all, anyone can start a diet - it's sticking with it that matters. We helped her stick with it through thick and thin by doing what we do best: holding her accountable every single day. We wouldn't let her fail!

The Outcome: Caroline lost 42 pounds and was able to pursue her dream career as a model.

" This is the first time I can go to the beach and feel confident and sexy. This is also the first time in my life I feel totally in control of my diet and exercise. That's very empowering because I never felt in control. MBT not only helped me shed the pounds but gave me the tools to succeed and gain confidence to pursue my dreams. I'm so thankful that a service like MyBodyTutor exists. It's an ingenious system of accountability. "

*Results ARE typical and to be expected with MyBodyTutor. Why?
There is nothing like the power of daily accountability.

How Matt Lost 39 Pounds Without Sacrificing His Rockstar Lifestyle

The Challenge: Matt was a touring musician who is traveling non-stop from city to city. And he didn't want to sacrifice the booze and 3 AM trips to Mexican restaurants. He felt like getting in a healthy routine was hopeless with his lifestyle.

The Solution: We got clear on Matt's non-negotiables. After all, every rock star has to be able to indulge! Sustainability and consistency go hand in hand. Together, we created a customized diet and exercise plan for him. A plan he felt he could actually stick with. Since he's on the road a lot, we made Matt a custom workout plan that he could do anywhere. Then, we did what we do best: Not only did we tell him exactly what to do but we made sure he actually did it day in and day out until he reached his goal. And that's what makes all the difference! Knowledge wasn't the problem for Matt (he knew what to do). His real problem was a lack of consistent action and that's where daily accountability comes into play.

The Outcome: Matt lost 39 pounds without sacrificing his rockstar lifestyle.

" I have lost 39 pounds and I'm so much stronger, I have more endurance and energy. And I like the way I look in pictures and in the mirror. I feel good about myself. I'm proud of myself! Simply put, my life has changed completely as a direct result of working with MyBodyTutor. "

*Results ARE typical and to be expected with MyBodyTutor. Why?
There is nothing like the power of daily accountability.