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My Privacy Policy is so simple it hurts. It's as simple as my 'diet' and exericse plans are to follow.

(I hate to use the word 'diet' because for many people that means just another tempory way of eating. When I say diet, I mean it as a way of eating. A way of eating that you feel absolutely comfortable with so you can, finally, stick to it.)

Ready for it?

I will NEVER rent, sell, barter, or share your information with anyone or bombard you with emails, for ANY reason. I hate spam just as much as you do. (And not just because it’s unhealthy!)

I will not, under any circumstances, sell our lists or information to anyone. Even if I was offered a free lifetime supply of my favorite healthy food. I would resist. Resist!

I intend to do this for a long time and the last thing I want to do is abuse your trust.

I pride myself on being very accessible (the complete opposite of privacy) so if there is anything you want to ask, get in touch!