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Ginny M.

Wanted to bring the sexy back for spring break!

Before and After Photo

If Ginny can do it with MBT you can too. Yes, YOU! (No, we're not yelling. We just really believe in what we do.)

The Problem

Ginny was going to Miami for spring break in 4 weeks when she got in touch with me. She didn’t want to go looking the way she was but unfortunately, every time she’d get serious it never really worked and she always made excuses. She steadily put on 30+ pounds over the past 5 years…and needed (and desperately wanted) to make a change.

The Action Plan

Ginny, like all of us, needed that push. She’d start a weight loss plan but for some reason could never keep going. Ginny couldn’t keep going because she always made excuses and was constantly rationalizing poor food choices and lack of exercise (like most of us do!).

I created a customized diet for her based on the MBT lifestyle. I also asked Ginny to promise me she’d at least give exercising a shot. I didn’t ask her to do anything unreasonable. I just wanted her to get in the habit of exercising. Because I knew if I could get her to stay consistent with exercise for a few weeks, she’d be hooked.

Why it Worked (in her words)

Over the past 5 years I've steadily put on roughly 30 pounds.  There were times that I would get "serious" and eat all protein for a couple of weeks or give Weight Watchers a try. It never worked and I frustratingly continued to fluctuate.  I always made excuses like, "I work at a restaurant, so why not have the fried shrimp?" or, "It's the weekend, I definitely have to have pizza after a night of drinking".  I kept setting time limited goals to lose weight before the summer or before the family reunion at Christmas and instead ended up gaining even more weight.

Finally it was 4 weeks before spring break and I knew there was NO way I'd go to Miami looking like I did. That’s when one of my friends mentioned MyBodyTutor.com to me. I was naturally skeptical but knew I needed a kick in the butt.

I signed up on a whim, thinking I'd cancel.  To my surprise, everything Adam and I discussed seemed so reasonable, except the exercise. I HATED WORKING OUT! I have never been athletic and dreaded hitting the gym.  However, Adam made me promise to try, so I started his lifestyle and exercise routine.

The diet was so easy, I never found myself hungry and I actually got to cook even more, which is amazing because I love to cook!  For the first 2 weeks I continued to ‘hate’ the gym, but I went because I knew I'd have to own up to Adam.

Then one day, about 3 and a half weeks in I found myself planning my day around my workout!

I was floored!  

When did this become a priority? But the truth is, I now look forward to my daily runs and have already run several 5ks and am planning on doing more.

I feel healthier, have more energy, am sleeping better, and don't even miss the pizza and sour patch kids.  I'm down to a size 4 and am still losing and toning every day.

Everyone is commenting on how great I look, but most importantly – I know how great I look!

I would never have achieved any of this without Adam and his brilliant program! I would, and do, recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight, tone muscle, or just be healthier.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, with the exception of all those unwanted pounds!

I'm definitely a MyBodyTutor girl!


33 Pounds gone.*

*Results ARE typical and to be expected with MyBodyTutor. Why?

There is nothing like the power of daily and personal accountability combined with our proven system and methods. Now, it’s your turn to become the next success story! Unsure it’ll work for you? You won’t know unless you actually try it. This is why we made it risk-free for you. Join now!