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Featured Success Stories

Find out why the MyBodyTutor lifestyle and program worked for my clients, when nothing else did!


Ginny (click to see her before)

Wanted to bring sexy back for spring break!

The Problem: Ginny was going to Miami for spring break in 4 weeks when she got in touch with me. She didn’t want to go looking the way she was but unfortunately, every time she’d get serious it never really worked and she always made excuses…

Find out how MBT helped her "get serious"


Mark (click to see his before)

I changed my life and it changed my life!

The Problem: For Mark, being healthy and looking good has always been something he wanted. Even while in college, amid all the fun and partying, he always found the time and discipline to watch his diet and work out regularly. But, as Mark began his career he was exposed to new responsibilities.…

Find out the MBT lifestyle changed his life

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Featured Testimonials

Hundreds have already experienced positive, consistent lifestyle change through the MyBodyTutor program. Our Testimonials page is the longest page on the site for one reason — the program works!

A Real Experience

If I wanted a generic experience, I'd call Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. But I didn't want a generic experience. I wanted a real experience. The experiences your clients have are consistent because you are consistent but they are also unique because you recognize that we are all different (but not going so far as enabling). And one of the things I love the most about your company is that you can and do help a person like Wes (I was totally blown away by his blog) but you can also help someone like me (who wants to lose twenty pounds and break unhealthy habits before it gets too far). Wes isn't a lost cause and I'm not crazy for wanting to improve. In fact, I'm convinced you could help a supermodel - not become thinner but become the best version of themselves. You don't just work with the external appearance of your clients but the person they are deep down inside.

Your program works incredibly well because if I mess up on Monday, you catch it before I can mess up on Tuesday. If I need motivation on Wednesday, it’s there for me. I don't need you with me in the grocery store or screaming at me in the gym to make an improvement. And when I mess up or stray off course, your feedbacks are encouraging. I don't feel like I'm attacked or like I'm a failure. Daily feedback is not shame based motivation unlike so many other aspects of our lives.

Dara G

No Hiding

I signed up with you because I love the daily accountability you provide – you're not a friend or family member who I could get away with not doing what I said, and I'm paying you for one purpose – to hold me accountable – so you follow up and find me when I don't do what I said regarding my health and eating. And it's daily – if it were weekly I think I'd find a way to have some days that were not so good and then try to "make up for it" other days - this is daily. No hiding.

And you're not looking for me to go on a diet or eat differently now than you want me to eat when I reach my goals – it's about a healthy lifestyle, not a short-term diet. And your inspiring emails are really truly inspiring and helpful and supportive. It's getting to the point that when I eat I can hear your advice and what you'd have me choose and not choose in my head as I'm preparing or ordering. And it’s exactly what I needed!

Laura L

Accountability Matters

You're not just a program, you're a person, and knowing who I have to give my daily feedback to helps so much. The concept of accountability is what is helping me so much, because it's not that I don't know HOW to lose weight, I just need someone to make me follow through on what I really want. No book or weekly meeting or pill bottle, or whatever people do to try to lose weight will give you as much support as you do. I have NEVER in my life been able to stay on a diet for more than 3-4 days until now. I love your program and I only wish it was around sooner! I look forward to reading your daily feedback comments every morning too!

Samantha H

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