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Matt's Story


Matt is a busy musician and came to us on a mission: he wanted to lose weight so that he could become the rocker he always dreamed about.

But, he didn't want to sacrifice his "rock star" lifestyle all that much. Matt performs early into the mornings and is always touring, so I knew it'd be a challenge.

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Stephanie's Story


Stephanie has been overweight since she was 8 years old. She has been on countless diets: Medifast, Jenny Craig, she saw 2 different nutritionists, tried raw food diets, a 52-day cleanse, Weightwatchers and the list goes on.

It's not that she is lazy, or that she didn't want to lose weight, it's that she just never could stop binge-eating.

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Kathy's Story (in her words)


"I've always battled with weight. I've been up and down, it seems like, forever. I was never sure just what it was that kept me sliding in the direction of heavy. I ate healthy, or so I thought, I just ate a lot of healthy.

My wonderful partner was not great at being supportive. He is more of a nagger and came at what he thought of as support from the critical end."

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Daniel's Story (in his words)


"When I started, I was 163lbs, and looked like junk. Biggest stomach I've ever had, and that means a lot cause I played 12 years of soccer and stopped being active for only 1 year.

This was around the time I called you and asked what to eat. I've stuck to your diet for more than half a year now and I preach it to my friends. I'm on track to look like Brad Pitt from Fight Club (my original goal haha) and just wanted to say thanks."

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Carolyn's Story (in her words)


"I made the decision to join My Body Tutor because I could not lose weight when left to my own devices. My devices were not working. I had completed five half marathons and attended a fitness boot camp for almost two years.

There are countless diet and exercise programs on the market that provide basic information but My Body Tutor changes how you feel about food and exercise. MBT addresses the psychological component of eating and exercise. It's not about WHAT you've eaten but WHY."

Caroline's Story


Caroline believed food was the enemy. When she first joined MBT, Caroline had a strong love/hate relationship with food from all of her years of yo-yo dieting. Caroline believed that not eating was the key to losing weight. 

From day one, we started working on her mindset. We helped her go from seeing food as the enemy to seeing food as fuel that gives her energy.

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