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March 31, 2010

Is Ignorance Happiness?

In Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project – she set all sorts of resolutions for herself in order to try to make herself happier. (It worked!) However, towards […]
March 29, 2010

Why It’s So Easy To Succeed

This thought keeps popping up in my head: It’s so easy to succeed because it’s so easy to fail. Meaning it’s so easy to just give […]
March 25, 2010

Consistency is the Spice of Life

Getting the body you want is about 3 things. Eating right. Exercising. And doing those two things consistently. Unfortunately, it’s the consistency part that’s so hard. […]
March 23, 2010

How to stop obessing over food

Meta-cognition is defined as “cognition about cognition,” or, “knowing about knowing.” What the heck am I talking about you ask? In other words: it’s thinking about […]
March 22, 2010

How to Change in Less than a Second

I hope you had an awesome, fun, and active weekend! And if you didn’t that’s okay. It’s never to late to change. And if you did […]
March 18, 2010

Fact or Fiction: Cravings Fade

There’s a rumor around town that if you don’t give into a craving it’ll come back again and again. Ya know the old, “I might as […]
March 16, 2010

The C Food Diet – I want to eat whatever I see!

A client feels she’s entitled to eat whatever she wants. However, she hates how she feels afterward. Let’s explore this a little: Absolutely! We’re all entitled […]
March 15, 2010

How to eat slower – Hint: Pretend you’re a basketball player

This weekend I was watching some college basketball. March Madness is here! As I was watching some of the games, I realized we can all learn […]
March 12, 2010

Why you’re willing to pay top dollar for junk food and not healthy food (and how to switch it)

Happy Friday! Jerry Seinfeld, the king of observational comedy, has a bit where he talks about food pricing in airports. His joke is something like, “14.95 […]
March 9, 2010

Is the Recency Effect Affecting You?

Ever hear of the cognitive bias known as the recency effect? Let’s explore! This bias makes us recall events or items or things that happened most […]
March 8, 2010

Is Change Really Possible?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! So, a new client asks me if change is really possible. Well, change is not only possible, it’s inevitable. […]
March 4, 2010

Jeff Garlin of Curb Your Enthusiasm

So I finally got a chance to watch a 20/20 featuring actor/comedian Jeff Garlin, who is best known for playing Larry David’s best friend in Curb […]

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