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September 5, 2012
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How the NY Giants won the Super Bowl last season, and how you can win your own Super Bowl

Last night was the NFL season opener. (I can’t believe football season is here already!)

WAIT! To all you non-football fans, I promise this applies to you.

It was a tough start for us NY Giant’s fans as they lost to the Dallas Cowboys – especially as they’re coming off their second Super Bowl victory in 5 years.

Let’s get to it.

Let’s break down how to win the Super Bowl if you’re the NY Giants (or any team).

Here’s how:  You make amazing plays when it counts. Call it clutch, call it pressure, call it whatever you want. The Giants made plays when it REALLY counted last season. That’s how they won the Super Bowl. It’s how they won five years ago, too.

Ha! If only it was so easy…

Now, I’m going to explain how you can win your own Super Bowl – aka, how you can win in the biggest game of all: your life!

What we learned from the Giants last season is that it matters WHEN you show up.

This relates A LOT to us. How so?

We’re all on point when we’re thinking rationally and long term (vs. irrationally and short term). Duh.

It’s when we’re highly irrational and thinking short term minded that causes us (and the rest of the world) challenges…in other words, not doing what we *really want to do. (*Meaning what our long term self really wants for us. This is where our dreams and true desires are.)

Let me give you an example:

I woke up this morning to an extra snuggly bed because my bedroom was freezing. (I can’t sleep well unless it’s really cold). Because my bedroom was freezing, it made getting out of bed terrifying.

I had planned (aka, I really wanted) to do a moderate jog for 30 minutes on the treadmill but because it was freezing and my bed was extra comfy, I wasn’t so sure anymore.

I was beginning to teeter…

Knowing I wouldn’t have any other time to exercise during the day, I decided to go for it. I continued to question myself as I was getting dressed. Even as I was waiting for the elevator I almost headed back to my apartment.

And as I was waiting for the elevator (for what felt like five minutes even though it was two minutes), I saw my neighbor throwing her garbage out, and she said, “Nothing like a morning run!”

She’s right.

I decided to just go for the run. Knowing that I’d feel great afterward.

After about three minutes, I was happy with my decision. And after a few more minutes, I felt amazing!

On the way up from my run, I realized my entire workout happened because of a crucial/clutch/pressure few moments.

The hardest part about jogging this morning was STARTING. Once I started, I was good.

Want to start cooking more? A big part of that is GETTING healthy food so you’re stocked up, and then STARTING to took. Momentum takes over from there.

Want to start exercising more? A big part of that is getting dressed for it, and then committing to starting it — whatever it is. Something > nothing.

[Side note: The reason why getting the body we want is so hard is because it’s a process. Not an event. The hardest part about a process is keeping on going. Exercising is an event. Weight loss is a process. I’ve found that the hardest part about an event is starting.]

The key is to figure out when we’re most vulnerable. And focus intensely on those crucial moments…just like the Giants did.

Here’s how we can win our own Super Bowl…

LIVE for and THRIVE in the moments when we’re most vulnerable. Laugh at them like this. Realize that is when success happens. When the discomfort is greatest. (Thankfully, those moments aren’t happening all the time.)


The problem with committing to what you WILL do before you do it is that it causes cognitive dissonance (an uncomfortable feeling) if you don’t do it. This is why people hate committing to things. (This is also why daily and personal accountability and support work so freaking well.)

When we commit to exercising in the morning or writing in the evening or doing the laundry – we’re thinking rationally. We’re thinking with our long term mind.

And of course, when we say, “Ehh, I’ll just do it tomorrow,” we’re thinking irrationally. We’re already in the moment.

What’s important is that our moment of choice doesn’t happen at, say, 6AM when we’re freezing cold and feeling all snuggly. We’re not thinking rationally then. We’re not in the right state of mind. We’re vulnerable.

This is known as the hot-cold empathy gap for all my nerds out there. That means when we’re focused and thinking rationally and long term minded we absolutely underestimate just how irrational and short term minded we can and will become — because we’re so rational and focused in that moment.

Most people make choices when they need the MOST willpower. Not when they need the least willpower.  <—Incorrect.

The BEST time to make a decision is when you need the least willpower – when you’re thinking rationally and long term. When you’re not vulnerable or highly uncomfortable.  <—-correct!

Don’t decide you’re not going to the gym 20 minutes before you’re scheduled to go because you feel tired. (Instead, push yourself to just start. Do just three minutes and then see how you feel.)

Don’t decide you’re going to indulge as soon as the random plate of cookies appear. (Instead, push yourself to walk away and decide when you’re less tempted if it’s really and truly worth it or you just want them because they’re right in front of you.)

That’s when we’re most uncomfortable. That’s when we’re most vulnerable.

That’s when results and progress happens.


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