What to do when you can't stop thinking about food

“Adam help me! I can’t stop thinking about food!” This post will help.

“Do I want this?” “No, I don’t want this!” “Do I want this?” “No, I don’t!” “How many calories is it?” You don’t want this!” “I deserve this!” “Eh, forget it, I’m just going to eat it!” “Actually, is this really worth it?” “I shouldn’t eat this…” “It’s been a long day!”

This internal chatter can be VERY taxing.

It’s a pure battle between our long term, rational mind versus our short term, irrational mind.

It’s Dr. Jekyllllllll versus Mr. Hydeeee.

It’s our Body Tutor versus the devil on our shoulder.

Whatever you want to call it —–> it’s freakin’ taxing, and this internal debate can drive us crazy.

The weird reason why we might actually be eating junk food —-> because we’re so sick of ‘listening’ to it! And we know that if we give in, and just eat whatever it is we’re obsessing over, we won’t have to listen to this internal debate anymore.

What I’m saying is that we might not even really want the junk we’re eating. What we might really want is peace and quiet!

Stephanie, a client, wrote this to me last night:

“I made the decision to eat like crap today. Because I’ve been thinking about it for a few days and I just don’t want to think about it anymore. I just ate to shut-up my food desires.”

Don’t you find this fascinating?

Because what we’re really after isn’t necessarily the food. Food, as much as we like to think it might, will NEVER give us what we’re truly after.

So, what can we do about this?

QUESTION: What would you do if you were watching TV with a little kid and suddenly something very graphic and disturbing appeared?

I think, you’d change the channel as fast as you possibly could, right?

As soon as we find ourselves starting to negotiate with ourselves we have a chance to stop going down that path. We have a chance to change that channel. We can choose to focus on something else. And that’s the key!

Because in this moment, we’re focusing our attention ONLY on the temptation in front of us or in our mind.

What would happen if going forward, instead of only focusing on our self in that moment, we focused on other things?

Thinking about this BEFORE we’re in the moment, is what makes this possible because after all, the moment IS the moment. It’s hard to control what we do in the moment. But, if there’s an emergency, we all know how to call 911 – even though we may never have had to in the moment, right?

Let’s practice. Right now whatever you’re thinking about (hopefully it’s these words you’re reading right now), change that channel and think about this riddle: When do you go at red, and stop at green?

Suddenly, you’re no longer thinking about what you were before reading this. You’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Bingo. That’s the idea. We just completely changed our focus.

Next time you feel yourself starting to negotiate with yourself, try to think about something else. The key is to immerse ourselves in something else. To focus our attention elsewhere.

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