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October 17, 2017

Proven exercise tips

In the 10 years I’ve been helping people develop healthy behaviors around food and exercise, I’ve found that most people truly want to exercise more to […]
June 18, 2010

A Certain Kind Of…

Last night was Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics which is also the biggest rivalry in basketball […]
April 14, 2010

How a 63 year old woman looks like she’s 45

Gotta love the NY Post! Might as well be called NY Gossip. However, there was an article in it yesterday that caught my eye. From the […]
December 21, 2009

Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious

I hope your weekend wasn’t as snowy as mine. In NYC, we got about a foot. I love snow, however, because I’m not a student, and […]
December 14, 2009

8 Tips for exercising in the cold weather among others

As it’s getting cold outside these workout tips and tricks keep entering my mind. We’re also smack in the middle of the holiday season and everyone […]
December 4, 2009

The smoothie and wrap eating type

Happy Friday! I’ll tell ya. I can people watch all day sometimes. My favorite type is the person who insists on a smoothie for energy before […]
December 1, 2009

How you (and your kids!) can sleep better at night

It’s no secret that sleep is essential for our overall well-being. Studies show that not getting enough sleep has many health consequences, such as raising our […]
November 18, 2009

What we can all learn from Cirque Du Soleil

Last week, my aunt took me to see Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Wintuk’ show. I’ve never seen a Cirque show so I was really excited because I’ve […]

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