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Hi, there! I’m really excited that you’re checking out the MyBodyTutor blog! (Yes, lots of exclamation points, but only because I really live for what I do. Hey, I’ve been living what I teach since I was in 4th grade!)

In 2007, I quit my full time job to start MBT. Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people of all ages, sizes and shapes throughout the US and world get (and keep!) the body they want with my proven program and methods.

I’m very proud of the fact that MBT has grown entirely via referrals, word of mouth and the press we’ve received because of the results we get for our clients and readers.

On my blog, I share many of my strategies, tactics and tips. I reserve my best stuff for my newsletter subscribers so you’ll want to sign up for that in the footer of this page or the side bar to your right.

Nothing thrills me more than when I receive an email from a client or reader about how much I’ve helped them. That is why I do what I do. It’s truly thrilling for me!



I write a lot about the psychology of weight loss. As my clients and readers always tell me, I write in a way that is interesting, engaging and fun to read. I’m always glad to hear that! Who wants to read another b-o-r-i-n-g blog post?

Topics range from emotional and stress eating to creating habits to self-sabotage (from ourselves and even our loved ones) to fear of failure and fear of success (surprising, right?) to time management to happiness to why relying on willpower is doomed for failure and so much more…

What you’ll never find is a post about the “Top 10 foods to eat” or “Top 10 exercises to do” in order to lose weight.

I know that in this day and age, a lack of knowledge is NOT the problem.

After all, the real (and only!) secret to getting the body we want is about 3 things: Eating right, exercising and doing those 2 things consistently. Unfortunately, it’s the consistency part that’s so hard.

The real problem is a lack of consistent action.

It’s very easy to start all kinds of diets but it’s very hard to actually stick with them.


My life’s work is about finding out why it’s so hard to stick with our diet and exercise plans, and then most importantly, helping our clients actually stick with it in a way that is sustainable, practical and realistic — and dare I say fun… no matter how busy they are.

In other words: Why can’t we do what we know we should do? And why we can’t do what we really want to do?

All the tactics in the world won’t matter if we don’t have the right mindset. 10% of all bestselling books are diet books. If diet books actually worked, there’d be no need to write new ones. The problem with diet books is that they don’t actually change behaviors and habits!

However, it’s much easier to write about the foods we should eat and the exercises we should do rather than addressing the critical and often overlooked component of mindset.

Sure, I tell my clients exactly what to do in order to reach their goals in a way that is sustainable…but what separates us from the BILLION and one companies out there is that we make sure they ACTUALLY do it day in and day out.

There’s a world of difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

Whether it’s a tactical problem or a mental roadblock we’re there for our clients every single day to ensure they’re staying on track and being consistent.

This is why we get the results we do.

And that is what I write about on my blog.



Well, that’s me!

Health and fitness has been a huge passion of mine since I was 9 years old (I’m now 30). I know that seems weird but there’s good reason:

My dad had a heart attack that led into triple bypass surgery. Not long after that (when I was in 12 years old) he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Before that, my parents got divorced. My sister used food as an escape for a lot of stressful situations she encountered. I always used to hear her get upset whenever she’d get ready for events because she hated how she felt and looked.

At times, she’d starve herself and other times she’d just binge. She yo-yo dieted for years and her weight reflected it.



From a very young age, I wanted to be as healthy and fit as I possibly could be. I’ve spent thousands of hours studying research on how to lose weight and keep it off.

Witnessing my dad’s heart attack, and then his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis along with always seeing my sister unhappy with her weight definitely impacted me.

The sad part is that so many people have similar experiences as my sister. Life is too short to experience that again. Life is too short to be unhappy about how you feel and look.

I want to help people enjoy their health and fitness. And while some diseases are not preventable, many are! I want to help people form healthy habits for now and the rest of their life. Health is true wealth! All the success in the world means nothing without our health and fitness.

You can read more about my story, and see some pictures from 4th grade here: (Warning! Lots of corny pictures, but they’re only to prove that I actually do live what I teach, and have been for a long time.)

Thanks for reading! And welcome to the MBT family!


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