What to do when you’re not hungry, but want to eat.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just finished a meal, and you know you’re not hungry… But you get an overwhelming urge to eat something else? You [...] Read More
how-do-I-stop-eating-my kids-leftovers

How do I stop eating my kid’s leftovers?

If you’re not a parent, you have no idea how difficult it is to resist your kid’s leftovers… Pizza. Chips. Chicken nuggets. But, as a parent, you know all too [...] Read More
Can't stick to a diet?

Can’t stick to a diet for more than a few weeks? Here’s why and what to do.

If you can’t stick to a diet for more than a few weeks, this is for you. Are you saying to yourself, another year has come and gone, and… I [...] Read More
You've tried going it alone. Now try with a coach.

5 Incredibly Smart Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Weight Loss Coach

When you’re looking to get fit, there are a few mistakes you simply need to avoid. But there’s one that’s glaringly clear: without someone keeping you accountable and consistent, it’s [...] Read More
Is it better to eat before or after working out?

Is it better to eat a meal before or after I workout? Why?

On your way to the gym? Wondering if you should eat a meal before or after your workout? Today, I’m going to show you exactly when to eat to get [...] Read More
I cheated on my diet and feel guilty. Now what?

Cheated on your diet? Feeling guilty? Here’s what to do!

You had a moment of weakness, caved in, and had a slice (or three) of cake. You cheated on your diet and feel terrible about it. What do you do [...] Read More
portion distortion blog cover

Portion Distortion: How This Sneaky Effect Can Destroy Your Diet

You may be surprised to learn your portion sizes are holding your scale hostage. Why? Because over the last two decades, restaurants and food companies have increased portions so much [...] Read More
are your friends sabotaging your diet

5 Ways To Deal With (And Prevent) Diet Saboteurs

When you’re trying to get fit it feels like everything and everyone is working against you. But guess what? You’re not alone! More than 75% of women say they “never” [...] Read More
definition of craving

9 Clever Ways To Conquer Food Cravings

We all have lustful treats calling our name. It could be mint chocolate ice cream after dinner or Monday morning donuts. Whatever temptation is hijacking your best intentions, one thing [...] Read More
Every time I try to lose weight I fail.

Every time I try to lose weight I fail. (Here’s what to do!)

With so many diets, plans, and programs to choose from, why is it that every time I try to lose weight I fail? There are a few questions that plagued [...] Read More
outer order inner calm

How To Use Outer Order To Create Inner Calm: 3 Simple Secrets From Gretchen Rubin

You already know a dozen big things you should do to improve your life. Exercise more. Eat healthier. Spend less time using technology. But instead of tackling those big tasks [...] Read More
all or nothing thinking

7 Steps To Crush All-Or-Nothing Thinking

Do these thoughts ever cross your mind? If I can’t give this 100% of my time and attention, then it’s not going to work. I am completely overwhelmed, I need [...] Read More
health and fitness books

9 Essential Reads For A Healthier You in 2019

I’m often asked which diet books I recommend for someone looking to get fit and start eating healthy. But…I suggest not reading diet-focused books at all! Why? Because starting down [...] Read More
weight loss tips for busy nurses

11 Weight Loss Tips For Insanely Busy Nurses

A nurse’s life is physically and emotionally demanding. The long days, endless nights, and constant chaos takes a toll. And with work and life both elbowing their way to the [...] Read More
should i say something to my kid about their weight

Should I Say Something to My Kid About Their Weight?

“I’m torn. Should I say something to my child about their weight, or just keep quiet?” If your kid is struggling with their weight, you’ve probably been tempted to say [...] Read More
online weight loss accountability coach

Weight Loss Coach: 11 Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

So you’re thinking about hiring a weight loss coach. Great decision! Partnering with a weight loss coach is becoming more popular every day. Why is that? Because it works! With [...] Read More
i am always hungry

Why Am I Still Hungry After Eating? (Here’s What To Do!)

Do you spend most of your day hungry? Can you eat an entire meal and STILL feel like you can down another? If so, you may have said some of [...] Read More
i know what to do but dont do it

I Know What To Do, But I Don’t Do It (Here’s Why!)

I want to (No, I need to) lose weight. But there’s a problem… I know what to do, I just don’t do it. I know I need to eat healthier. [...] Read More
how to lose weight on tamoxifen

How To Beat Weight Gain On Tamoxifen (A Success Story!)

If you are taking tamoxifen, you have A LOT of questions. And when it comes to weight loss, these two probably rank near the top: Will I gain weight on [...] Read More
turbo charge your motivation

I Have ZERO Motivation To Lose Weight

“I don’t feel like starting a diet, I’m just not motivated.” Do you feel like a lack of motivation is holding you back? Like you could turn things around if [...] Read More
help i can't stop eating at night

Help! I Can't Stop Eating At Night

A lot of us eat really well all day, only to have our careful plans come crashing down at night. I get it—sometimes it just feels like your willpower is [...] Read More
how to stop cheating on your diet

How to not cheat on your diet

Do any of these sound familiar? You start your diet strong, but by 3 pm you’re turning the house inside out hunting for chocolate. It’s late at night and you [...] Read More
how to break a weight loss plateau

How do you break a weight loss plateau?

In the business of weight loss, working through plateaus is something we do daily. But what’s the solution for breaking a weight loss plateau? And how can we get the [...] Read More
Hate veggies? That's okay. We have you covered.

I don’t eat veggies. How can I lose weight?

Do you despise vegetables? Does the thought of eating broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, or carrots make you cringe? Or worse: Has your hate for vegetables kept you from sticking to a [...] Read More
how to finally commit to your diet

How to finally commit to losing weight

Have you ever felt like you’re just not committed to your diet? …Maybe this is something you’re struggling with right now. If so, know that you’re not alone! At some [...] Read More
ill start my diet tomorrow

How to stop saying, I’ll start my diet tomorrow!

Recently, I overheard someone say, “I start a new diet every Monday and on the first of every month!” While this is kind of hilarious, it also got me thinking: [...] Read More
i just wanted to bury my head in food

I just wanted to bury my head in food!

My nerves were shot. All I felt like doing was eating a ton of indulgent food. I just wanted to escape. Yesterday, my youngest son Asher – who has been [...] Read More
the overconfidence trap

How overconfidence is sabotaging your weight-loss!

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Or are the numbers on the scale moving in the wrong direction? If so, you’re not alone. At one point or another, we’ve [...] Read More
urge surfing

Urge Surfing: A mindful way to conquer cravings!

Cravings are like waves. They rise, build to a peak, and eventually fall. We’re going to learn to ride those waves using a skill called Urge Surfing! Let’s jump in! [...] Read More
discomfort is your compass

How to be comfortable with discomfort

“Discomfort is your compass!” It’s amazing how those four words capture what’s likely THE most powerful concept of change. Here’s why: The only way to change your outcomes is to [...] Read More
how to stop quitting your diet

How to stop quitting your diet

Today, I want to share Stephanie’s story with you. Why? Because she wanted to quit her diet after the first week. …And she wanted to quit countless times after that. She [...] Read More
several multicolor yarn balls

Identifying these will change your life

I’ve had a great day so far… I woke up and played with my kids. I did some work. I went to the gym. I enjoyed lunch with my family. [...] Read More
eight diet tips for 2018

I messed up already…2019 is my year!

If you feel that way, this article is for you: The One Mantra to Adopt If Weight Loss Is Your Goal in 2018. But… To those who are still committed to [...] Read More
should i wait until after the holidays

Should I wait until after the holidays?

I got this email from a client the other day, and I wanted to share it because I think we can all benefit. Here’s the email: “I am having second [...] Read More
the holiday effect

Don't let the "Holiday Effect" get the best of you

“Why bother eating well today, tomorrow, and Wednesday if I’m going to indulge on Thursday?” some of us think. Thanksgiving is on THURSDAY. It’s not today. It’s not tomorrow. It’s [...] Read More
best exercise tips

Proven exercise tips

In the 10 years I’ve been helping people develop healthy behaviors around food and exercise, I’ve found that most people truly want to exercise more to improve their health and [...] Read More
mindset psychology habits

The Power of M.P.H (Mindset, Psychology and Habits)

Think back to the last diet you did. Day one was easier than day 30, right? (If you made it that far) On day one, you’re filled with enthusiasm and [...] Read More
woman relaxing and drinking coffee in front of a large window

The key to sustainable weight loss

I wanted to share my thoughts on long-term weight loss because I think we can all benefit, no matter where we are in our weight loss journey. I know long-term [...] Read More
Happy mom

Is September your January? Read this.

I was thinking about resolutions last night and this video came to mind. It’s upbeat music with people doing amazing things. It’s hard not to feel motivated after watching it. [...] Read More
How to get more done

This simple practice will help you get more done

Ahhhh! The beginning of a new month. A blank slate loaded with nothing but potential. For the most part, we’re all very good at keeping our promises to other people [...] Read More
Commitment Pic

I can't stand emails that start like this

Just writing these makes me annoyed. They start something like this: “Only looking for people who are 100% committed!” “Only want people who are serious about achieving results!” “Wanted: Highly [...] Read More
several cars and ambulance and firetruck

How to become more observant

As a basketball fan, I always look forward to April, May and June as it’s NBA Playoff time. (As a Knicks fan, ugh, I… actually, I’ll save that for another [...] Read More
Eat whatever they want

Why can some people eat whatever they want and not gain weight?

Ugh! We all know these people. They can eat whatever they want and seemingly never gain an ounce. What’s up with that?? First off, it’s important to note: Some people [...] Read More

I'll do anything to lose weight except…

A prospective client once told me: I’ll do anything to lose weight except… Eat well and exercise. HA! Why? Ultimately, it boils down to fear. Fear that eating well and [...] Read More

The importance of LOL (I'm not talking about laughing out loud)

One of the things I’ve found in my never-ending quest to understand what makes successful people successful is how much support they have. (Along the way, I’ve encountered many people [...] Read More

What to do when focusing on your health feels like a chore

Focusing on my health feels like a chore. What do I do? I hear this often. Let’s explore… First off, I get it. You’re busy. You have a lot going [...] Read More

Abe Lincoln's Personal Mantra

I came across a quote of his I really liked. He said, “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion.” [...] Read More

How do I stop eating at night and what to do about it

“How do I stop eating at night? What do I do about it?” I get this question a lot. This post will help you stop eating at night. “Food has [...] Read More
Tiny Feet

My son was born 3 months early. Here's what I've learned so far.

I haven’t written for a while. For good reason. I’m actually writing this from the NICU (Neo-intensive care unit). My son was born on Saturday, January 21st. Three months early. [...] Read More

How to create a weight loss breakthrough

He had a dream… And so do you. Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are [...] Read More
Junk Food

Why it's so hard to turn down junk food

Happy Holidays! 🙂 Recently, I was shopping and I came across this sign. “Shopping in NYC is a challenge…You deserve a treat! Grab a .99 cent bag of candy!” Yes, [...] Read More

How to think about food differently

Want to think about food differently? Read this post. Here’s the challenge with food: Broccoli is food. Cookies are food. One is good for us. The other is not. (Yes, [...] Read More

This one thing I learned from the NYC Marathon is key for weight loss

Yesterday, I watched the NYC marathon from a bunch of different points along the 26.219 route. As usual, I saved the finish line for my last stop. This is where [...] Read More
Work image

A fun read on relationships, weight loss and work

Can I be real with you guys? Good. I love real talk. I have some friends who are a bit delusional about the nature of relationships. I think Hollywood perpetuates [...] Read More
clear head

How to start the school year right

How is it the end of August already? I’m trying to savor the last week by enjoying summer activities as much as possible like wearing matching bathing suits with my [...] Read More

How to stop thinking about food

I wanted to share a valuable lesson that can help you stop thinking about food. It can help you get over cravings. It can also help you stop thinking about [...] Read More

Frustrated it's taking so long to lose weight

There will always be a reason to delay action when it comes to our health and fitness. Do you know one of the many reasons why some people don’t start [...] Read More
Home Run Derby Winner

The power of small wins

Last night was the Home Run Derby – a fan favorite. The only goal of the Home Run Derby is to hit as many balls out of the park as [...] Read More

How to quit smoking

Recently, I was invited to speak at a conference about habits. Good times. Someone asked me for advice on how to quit smoking. I figured I’d share what I said [...] Read More
get stuff done

How to increase the odds of getting things done

Ahhhh! June 1st. That means we have a blank slate loaded with nothing but potential. For the most part, we’re all very good at keeping our promises to other people [...] Read More
car with multiple colors of paper pasted

Why having more fun will help you lose weight

Happy April Fools’ Day! I’m not going to play any pranks on us MBT-ers, nor do I have any vegetable jokes, so if you have one please lettuce know. (Ba-dum [...] Read More
woman with the hood of the car open

Do you eat well all day but lose control at night? Here's why and what to do about it.

The homo economicus view of human beings states that we think and choose unfailingly well, and we fit within the text book picture of economists. In other words: According to [...] Read More
man skydiving holding a sign

How to make a craving vanish like a fart in the wind

Temptations are everywhere! : ( What to do? Here in lies the question we all face: Do we listen to our short term or long term self when it comes [...] Read More
magic pill bottle with pills and measuring tape on the counter

"Why can't I lose weight?" Here's one reason why.

Without fail, whenever I meet someone and tell them what I do, the conversation turns to all of the diets they’ve done in the past, including the one they’re currently [...] Read More
mans hand using door knocker on wood

How to know if you're eating for the right reasons

How do you know if you’re eating for the right reasons? Ask yourself: Am I using this food or am I eating this food? Here’s what I mean. We tend [...] Read More
woman sitting at a dinner table with a birthday candle

One of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make

This is a really tough and personal post for me to write. But here it goes… Last week my 92 year old grandma had two massive strokes within two days. [...] Read More
man in a dress shirt holding stomach

Why am I always hungry?

Many of you tell me how you always feel hungry. Let’s explore… First off, let’s ask ourselves this question while we’re thinking rationally: Is it possible to be hungry all [...] Read More
power ball jackpot logo

How to get over feeling deprived when it comes to dieting

I feel like all I’ve been hearing about for the past few days is this $1.5 billion Powerball lottery. Some friends are playing and asked me if I wanted to [...] Read More
photo of the beach with 2016 written in the sand

My theme for 2016. What's yours?

Now that we’re back to life / back to reality (Warning: This is throwback to a classic song) I wanted to share my theme for the year. Every year, I [...] Read More
Two Weeks Progress

I can’t stick to a diet for more than a few weeks. Here’s why and what to do about it.

If you can’t stick to a diet for more than a few weeks, this post is for you. Another year is over and… -I lost no weight -I look the [...] Read More

The reason why you're eating junk food and how to stop

Sarah, an MBT client, wrote in her report last night, “I don’t know why I ate crap at the mall. I wasn’t even particularly hungry.” This is worth exploring. This [...] Read More

The vacation effect

Today, I want to share my made up term with you and what it means. The ‘Vacation effect‘ is when we’re excited about an upcoming vacation or holiday and think, [...] Read More

Is confusion ruining your diet?

I think all of us will agree that stress makes people eat. Or grief. Or celebration. These emotions are fairly easy to identify and associate with overeating. We’re all emotional [...] Read More

Do you eat when you're not actually hungry?

Let’s get tactical, tactical, I wanna get tactical, let’s get into tactical… Today, as you might have guessed, I want to get tactical. ** First off, a note on why [...] Read More

This one thing I learned from watching the NYC Marathon is critical for (weight loss) success

On Sunday, I watched the NYC marathon from a bunch of different points along the 26.219 route. As usual, I purposely saved the finish line for my last stop. This [...] Read More

How to let things not bother you as much

Ha! I have to laugh at the subject line because it reminds me of those TV commercials — “Do you wish you had more time in the day? Do you [...] Read More

How to make big changes happen without feeling overwhelmed

Someone asked me if change was really possible. Let’s face it: If it were easy to change everyone would do it. It’s the accountability and pushing and the coaching and [...] Read More

The disease that makes us overeat and overweight – Part 2

The disease that makes us overeat and overweight. Part 2. (Click here to read part 1.) Let’s get right into it… Ever notice how in movies like “This is 40” [...] Read More

The disease that makes us overeat and overweight

Before we get started with today’s lesson, I’m going to ask that you read this when you have a few minutes of uninterrupted time. One of my clients wrote this [...] Read More

What do when you feel bored with this whole consistency thing

Us MBT-ers know that getting the body we want and being healthy and fit is about 3 things: Eating well. Exercising. And doing those two things consistently. As we also [...] Read More

How to get enlightened in 20 seconds

I know. I know. Big claim in the subject line. One of those claims where you just want to roll your eyes. BUT, I believe I can deliver. Here it [...] Read More

How a former #1 ranked tennis player stopped emotional eating

I do a lot of reading on many different topics because our health and fitness is comprised of so many different subjects. This is why it drives me crazy when [...] Read More

Embracing these four words will lead to success

You hear that?!?! Listen carefully. I’ll wait. Know what it is? It’s the sound of exhales throughout the world from moms and dads whose kids are finally back at school. [...] Read More

How to hit the ground running in September

What’s slower the week between Christmas and New Year’s or the last few weeks of August? No, this isn’t a trick question. I guess it depends on what you do [...] Read More

How to get the body you want (and why most people never do)

This post is about what it takes to get the body you want. It’s also about why most people never do get the body they want. The key to getting [...] Read More

Fight cravings with this Zen Parable

One day, walking through the wilderness, a man stumbled upon a sleeping tiger. As he tried to sneak past, the tiger awoke and began to chase the man. The man [...] Read More

What to do when you don't feel like it

In my last post, I mentioned that sometimes we just don’t feel like it. (Whatever we want “it” to mean — eating right, exercising, embracing the discomfort, etc.) Version 1. [...] Read More

What to do when the scale won't budge

Tara, a client, writes me this email today: “Adam, I’m really upset I gained two pounds this week. I know why I did but it’s still very frustrating! Sometimes, I [...] Read More

How to ensure your weight loss success

I used to love playing dominoes when I was a little kid. Not so much the game, as much as setting up the dominoes meticulously, in anticipation of getting to [...] Read More

How to make your favorite food (or anything) more enjoyable

A few weeks ago, right smack in the middle of the day, the opportunity to ride a Segway was presented to me. I had never ridden one before and I [...] Read More

How to stop stress eating

One of the reasons why we indulge and/or overeat is because we’re stressed. Stress can make us go against our best intentions. When we fall into the habit of overeating [...] Read More

The key ingredient to weight loss and winning

I read an interesting article about NBA player, Mike Miller. Don’t worry! If you don’t like basketball this is still applicable to you. It was about how the only way [...] Read More

"I always feel hungry?" Here's what to do.

“I always feel hungry,” many of you tell me. In this post, we’ll address why you always feel hungry and what to do about it. Let’s get to it… First [...] Read More

How to increase the odds of exercising and eating better

Ahhhh, Monday…June 1st. Clean slate! New week, new month… You know what that means, right? Last week many of you were saying things to yourself like: “I’ll eat whatever I [...] Read More

How to eat your favorite foods and still get the body you want

Has anyone else come across this on Instagram? It cracked me up. Even though it’s a joke, many people truly believe they have to eat like that in order to [...] Read More

Ever feel frustrated because you fell off track with your diet? Read me.

Few questions to think about… 1. Do you think underperforming students who are paired with students who excel in school (even though at times, they might feel inferior compared to [...] Read More