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How to ensure your weight loss success

I used to love playing dominoes when I was a little kid. Not so much the game, as much as setting up the dominoes meticulously, in anticipation of getting to [...] Read More

How to make your favorite food (or anything) more enjoyable

A few weeks ago, right smack in the middle of the day, the opportunity to ride a Segway was presented to me. I had never ridden one before and I [...] Read More

How to stop stress eating

One of the reasons why we indulge and/or overeat is because we’re stressed. Stress can make us go against our best intentions. When we fall into the habit of overeating [...] Read More

How to increase the odds of exercising and eating better

Ahhhh, Monday…June 1st. Clean slate! New week, new month… You know what that means, right? Last week many of you were saying things to yourself like: “I’ll eat whatever I [...] Read More

How to eat your favorite foods and still get the body you want

Has anyone else come across this on Instagram? It cracked me up. Even though it’s a joke, many people truly believe they have to eat like that in order to [...] Read More

How to get what you want in life

Let’s talk about how to get what you want in life… Well, it’s all about persistence. So, what is persistence anyway? Persistence is having the same goal over and over [...] Read More
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How to make better food choices

The homo economicus view of human beings states that we think and choose unfailingly well, and we fit within the text book picture of economists. According to economists we will [...] Read More

How to get over YOLO thinking when it comes to your diet

Once in a while when I talk with someone who doesn’t appear to be healthy and fit, they’ll say something like: “You know, I only live once. We’re all going [...] Read More

How to stop living and dying by the numbers on the scale

Jenn, a client, wrote me this email: “Adam, I’m really upset because I didn’t lose any weight last week. I know why I didn’t but it’s still very frustrating! Sometimes, [...] Read More

How to eat your favorite meals all the time (sorta)

Who wants to eat their favorite meals all of the time without the consequences of eating your favorite meals all of the time? Today, I want to share a tactic [...] Read More

How to build awesome self-confidence

As a former die hard Michael Jordan fan, I still get the chills when I watch this intro video (safe for work). It reminds me of the days when becoming [...] Read More

How to Start the New Year Off Right

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday! Perhaps you’re still relaxing. Wonderful! It’s important to rest and recharge our batteries. However… Already people are saying, “Well figure it [...] Read More

How to get over cravings

Before I teach you how to get over those persistent afternoon and relentless evening cravings, I’m going to teach you how to swim. “Why in the world would learning how [...] Read More

How to turn down free food

Is it just me or is there food everywhere? Actually…it’s not. Many of you have told me there is FREE FREAKIN’ FOOD EVERYWHERE these days. I guess the Halloween spirit [...] Read More

How to feel less stressed by LOLing (and I'm not talking about laughing out loud)

One of the things I’ve found in my never-ending quest to understand what makes successful people successful is how much support successful people have. (Along the way, I’ve encountered many [...] Read More

How to create excellence in 60 seconds

Today, I’m going to share with you how to create excellence in a minute. I know. I know. I can sense the curling of your lips already. While such a [...] Read More

How to stop eating when you're stressed

One of the top reasons why we indulge and overeat is because we’re stressed. Stress can make us go against our best intentions. When we fall into the habit of [...] Read More

How to delay gratification + a mindset to get over cravings

How do I delay instant gratification is a question I get asked often. It’s not always easy. But, if we have a different way of thinking about gratification it’ll be [...] Read More

How to stop all or nothing thinking

One of the reasons why we can’t stick with a diet is because we have an “all or nothing” mentality. In this post, I’m going to explore how to get [...] Read More

How to tell if you're emotional eating

In today’s post, I’m going to help you figure out if you’re emotional eating by sharing a very powerful question with you. It’ll help you figure out if you’re eating [...] Read More

How to stop emotional eating at night

Do you emotionally eat after a long day? This post will help you to stop emotional eating at night. I think we all agree that stress makes people eat. Or [...] Read More

How to increase the odds of getting stuff done

You know, it seems like we’re all very good at keeping our promises to other people but when it comes to ourselves…forget about it. We all have great hopes for [...] Read More

How to stop eating junk food + a weird reason why we eat it

One of the top questions I get is “How do I stop eating junk food?” In this post, I’m going to share a powerful strategy with you so you can [...] Read More

How to give up something for lent

Today was the beginning of Lent. A Christian tradition in which through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial – believers prepare for Easter. For those who celebrate Easter many of you [...] Read More

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