Woman drinking coffee with work piled up.

What to do when you feel overwhelmed

I can’t tell you how many times someone has blamed their lack of commitment, and ultimately their health, on how busy they are. We’re all busy. I think it comes [...] Read More
eight diet tips for 2018

I messed up already…2019 is my year!

If you feel that way, this article is for you: The One Mantra to Adopt If Weight Loss Is Your Goal in 2018. But… To those who are still committed to [...] Read More
mindset psychology habits

The Power of M.P.H (Mindset, Psychology and Habits)

Think back to the last diet you did. Day one was easier than day 30, right? (If you made it that far) On day one, you’re filled with enthusiasm and [...] Read More
Happy mom

Is September your January? Read this.

I was thinking about resolutions last night and this video came to mind. It’s upbeat music with people doing amazing things. It’s hard not to feel motivated after watching it. [...] Read More

I'll do anything to lose weight except…

A prospective client once told me: I’ll do anything to lose weight except… Eat well and exercise. HA! Why? Ultimately, it boils down to fear. Fear that eating well and [...] Read More
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A fun read on relationships, weight loss and work

Can I be real with you guys? Good. I love real talk. I have some friends who are a bit delusional about the nature of relationships. I think Hollywood perpetuates [...] Read More

How to quit smoking

Recently, I was invited to speak at a conference about habits. Good times. Someone asked me for advice on how to quit smoking. I figured I’d share what I said [...] Read More
photo of the beach with 2016 written in the sand

My theme for 2016. What's yours?

Now that we’re back to life / back to reality (Warning: This is throwback to a classic song) I wanted to share my theme for the year. Every year, I [...] Read More

How to get enlightened in 20 seconds

I know. I know. Big claim in the subject line. One of those claims where you just want to roll your eyes. BUT, I believe I can deliver. Here it [...] Read More

The key ingredient to weight loss and winning

I read an interesting article about NBA player, Mike Miller. Don’t worry! If you don’t like basketball this is still applicable to you. It was about how the only way [...] Read More

The George Costanza Technique

We all remember the days of Seinfeld right? I mean it’s still on all the time. Who can forget the music. (Hear it in your head now?) It was one [...] Read More

The all or nothing diet mentality

Do you have an all or nothing diet mentality? This post is for you. We think… “If I can’t be “perfect” why bother?!” Soooo, we let one indulgence turn into [...] Read More

Why losing weight is like Groundhog day

Happy Groundhog Day! Which reminds me… Did you ever see the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? In it, he wakes up every morning only to re-live the same day [...] Read More

Why is change so hard and how to change

First, we’ll talk about why change is so hard. Then we’ll talk about how to change. Many of us (including myself) find it hard to tolerate change. Even change we know is [...] Read More

Do you know someone like this? They'll never get in shape.

Without fail, whenever I meet someone and tell them what I do, the conversation turns to all of the diets they’ve done in the past, including the one they’re currently [...] Read More

Why so many of us can't stick with a program even when we're succeeding with it

Once in a while, a successful client will tell us we’re sorta annoying. That makes no sense right? Let’s explore… As Dorie eloquently wrote awhile back…”sometimes she hates me.” (A [...] Read More

How to make big changes in your life

Today a client asked me if change was really possible. Change is not only possible, it’s inevitable. The world is changing every day. And so are we, whether we want [...] Read More

What to do if you're scared of change

Ah, happy New Year! If you’re scared of change this post is for you. It feels good to be back in the groove right? With each new year comes new [...] Read More

Why is Change so Hard + How to Actually Change

These are two of the most common questions I get: “Why is change so hard?” “How do you actually change?” Don’t read this until you have 5 minutes of uninterrupted [...] Read More

Are you tempted to give up when you're not perfect with your diet?

A few questions for you on this lovely Wednesday… 1. Do you think underperforming students who are paired with students who excel in school (even though at times, they might [...] Read More

September is the new January. Here's what to do about it.

You hear that?!?! Listen carefully. I’ll wait. Know what it is? It’s the sound of exhales throughout the World from Moms and Dads whose kids are finally going back to [...] Read More

Why would a client who is succeeding want to quit?

There’s a story about a woman who attends a weight loss seminar, and complains to the keynote speaker that, despite trying everything, she can’t lose weight. “You’ve tried everything?” asks [...] Read More

Why change is so hard plus my theme for 2013. Will you join me?

Happy New Year! We’ve heard it 1000 times before: A majority of us who make resolutions don’t keep them. Total Reading Time: 4 FUN minutes. Resolutions are all about change. [...] Read More

Slow week? The most perfect excuse ever

This is one of the slowest times of the year. Many people don’t do much of anything between now and the New Year except eat leftover holiday food, watch movies [...] Read More