Emotional Eating

i just wanted to bury my head in food

I just wanted to bury my head in food!

My nerves were shot. All I felt like doing was eating a ton of indulgent food. I just wanted to escape. Yesterday, my youngest son Asher – who has been [...] Read More
progress not perfection

If I can't be perfekt why bother?

There’s one destructive thought that I hear over and over: “If I can’t be perfect, why bother?” You know what people who say that do…nothing. They let one misstep turn [...] Read More
urge surfing

Urge Surfing: A mindful way to conquer cravings!

Cravings are like waves. They rise, build to a peak, and eventually fall. We’re going to learn to ride those waves using a skill called Urge Surfing! Let’s jump in! [...] Read More

How do I stop eating at night and what to do about it

“How do I stop eating at night? What do I do about it?” I get this question a lot. This post will help you stop eating at night. “Food has [...] Read More
Junk Food

Why it's so hard to turn down junk food

Happy Holidays! 🙂 Recently, I was shopping and I came across this sign. “Shopping in NYC is a challenge…You deserve a treat! Grab a .99 cent bag of candy!” Yes, [...] Read More

How to think about food differently

Want to think about food differently? Read this post. Here’s the challenge with food: Broccoli is food. Cookies are food. One is good for us. The other is not. (Yes, [...] Read More
mans hand using door knocker on wood

How to know if you're eating for the right reasons

How do you know if you’re eating for the right reasons? Ask yourself: Am I using this food or am I eating this food? Here’s what I mean. We tend [...] Read More
man in a dress shirt holding stomach

Why am I always hungry?

Many of you tell me how you always feel hungry. Let’s explore… First off, let’s ask ourselves this question while we’re thinking rationally: Is it possible to be hungry all [...] Read More

The reason why you're eating junk food and how to stop

Sarah, an MBT client, wrote in her report last night, “I don’t know why I ate crap at the mall. I wasn’t even particularly hungry.” This is worth exploring. This [...] Read More

Is confusion ruining your diet?

I think all of us will agree that stress makes people eat. Or grief. Or celebration. These emotions are fairly easy to identify and associate with overeating. We’re all emotional [...] Read More

Do you eat when you're not actually hungry?

Let’s get tactical, tactical, I wanna get tactical, let’s get into tactical… Today, as you might have guessed, I want to get tactical. ** First off, a note on why [...] Read More

The disease that makes us overeat and overweight

Before we get started with today’s lesson, I’m going to ask that you read this when you have a few minutes of uninterrupted time. One of my clients wrote this [...] Read More

How a former #1 ranked tennis player stopped emotional eating

I do a lot of reading on many different topics because our health and fitness is comprised of so many different subjects. This is why it drives me crazy when [...] Read More

"I always feel hungry?" Here's what to do.

“I always feel hungry,” many of you tell me. In this post, we’ll address why you always feel hungry and what to do about it. Let’s get to it… First [...] Read More

The Broccoli Test: How to Stop Emotional Eating

In this article you’re going to learn: The #1 reason why people are overweight A powerful test to determine if you’re emotionally or physically hungry Why focusing only on tactics [...] Read More

Why so many of us can't stick with a program even when we're succeeding with it

Once in a while, a successful client will tell us we’re sorta annoying. That makes no sense right? Let’s explore… As Dorie eloquently wrote awhile back…”sometimes she hates me.” (A [...] Read More

How to feel less stressed by LOLing (and I'm not talking about laughing out loud)

One of the things I’ve found in my never-ending quest to understand what makes successful people successful is how much support successful people have. (Along the way, I’ve encountered many [...] Read More

Do you always feel hungry? Here's what to do.

Many of you tell me that you always feel hungry. Let’s explore shall we? First off, let’s ask ourselves this question while we’re thinking rationally: Is it possible to be [...] Read More

10 signs you're emotionally eating

Emotional eating is one of the hardest things to conquer when it comes to eating better. The first step to managing our emotional eating is to know when we’re actually [...] Read More

How to tell if you're emotional eating

In today’s post, I’m going to help you figure out if you’re emotional eating by sharing a very powerful question with you. It’ll help you figure out if you’re eating [...] Read More

How to stop emotional eating at night

Do you emotionally eat after a long day? This post will help you to stop emotional eating at night. I think we all agree that stress makes people eat. Or [...] Read More

How to stop emotional eating

One of the top reasons why we are overweight is because we eat when we’re not physically hungry. Instead, we eat when we’re emotionally hungry… This is a very tactical [...] Read More

Why is it so hard to stop eating junk?

Why is it so hard to stop eating junk? This is a question so many people ask me. And it’s a reason why many people sign up for my program. [...] Read More

I'm scared I'm going to cheat on my husband and other fascinating reasons why we fear losing weight

Why would anyone fear losing weight? We all want to be healthy and fit. We all want to look and feel amazing. It makes no sense…until it makes complete sense. [...] Read More