Mindless Eating

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Why having more fun will help you lose weight

Happy April Fools’ Day! I’m not going to play any pranks on us MBT-ers, nor do I have any vegetable jokes, so if you have one please lettuce know. (Ba-dum [...] Read More
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Do you eat well all day but lose control at night? Here's why and what to do about it.

The homo economicus view of human beings states that we think and choose unfailingly well, and we fit within the text book picture of economists. In other words: According to [...] Read More

Is it hard for you to say no to free food? Read this.

Many of you have told me there is FREE FREAKIN’ FOOD EVERYWHERE in your office. Not easy. I know how hard it is when there is Free Freakin’ Food Everywhere [...] Read More

What we can all learn from foul shots in basketball

Last night, as I was watching the NBA Finals, I realized we can all learn from basketball players, and how they get ready for foul shots. When basketball players get [...] Read More

No means Yes and Yes means No

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! That means lots of temptations, lots of bbq’s and lots of ice cream. Hopefully, that leads to a lot of, “No thank yous!” Today’s [...] Read More