Is effort a myth?

Let’s talk about effort.

People really want to believe effort is a myth, at least if we consider what we consume in the media:

* politicians and beauty queens who get by on a smile and a wink

* lottery winners who turn a lifetime of lousy jobs into one big payday

* sports stars who are born with skills we could never hope to acquire

* hollywood celebrities with the talent of being in the right place at the right time

* failed CEOs with $40 million buyouts

* models with amazing bodies that don’t do a thing to look that way

It really seems (at least if we read popular media) that who we know and whether we get ‘picked’ are the two keys to success, in other words — LUCK.

The thing about luck is this: we’re already lucky.

We’re insanely lucky that we weren’t born during the black plague or in a country with no freedom. We’re lucky that we’ve got access to highly-leveraged tools and terrific opportunities. If we set that luck aside, though, something interesting shows up.

Delete the outliers — the people who are hit by a bus or win the lottery, the people with bad genetics, the people who luck out in a big way — and we’re left with everyone else.

And for everyone else, effort is directly related to success.

Not all the time, but as much as you would expect. Smarter, harder working, better informed and better liked people do better than other people, most of the time in everything they tackle.

Effort takes many forms.

Showing up, certainly. Knowing stuff (being smart might be luck of the draw, but knowing stuff is the result of effort).

Being kind when it’s more fun not to. Paying it forward when there’s no hope of tangible reward.

Doing the right thing.

We’ve heard these things a hundred times before, of course, but I guess for so many it’s easier to bet on luck.

What are you going to do, bet on luck or effort?


The challenge is that consistent effort is VERY hard to maintain because our short term, irrational mind is constantly trying to sabotage us. It’s constantly trying to get us to bet on luck – because it’s easier, and there’s less discomfort required.

It’s like what Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

That’s we provide daily and personal accountability, daily and weekly phone calls, relentless support, coaching, and motivation, plus a proven program and system that works. And that’s why we’ve been able to help 100’s and 100’s of people throughout the US and world get the body they want.

So, what are you going to bet on?

Why not make a 100% sure bet that you’ll get the body you’ve always dreamed of – OR, get your money back? (Yes, a risk free bet!)

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