The dreaded F word

So many of us are terrified of…FAILING. In fact, even if we’re doing really well, the F word manages to sneak up and sometimes haunt us.

It’s as if we don’t expect to succeed (more on this another time). I get so many emails saying something along the lines of, “MBT is working so great for me…BUT…”

The BUT is the amazement at how well they’re doing that it almost feels WEIRD/scary because they’re so used to failing. First off, if we take ANYTHING day by by day, and even more so – meal by meal, it’s doable. We LOVE to get ahead of ourselves (this is a defense mechanism). There’s nothing we can do EXCEPT focus on today, and making our very next meal, and workout as good as it can be. Finally, I won’t let you fail. It’s NOT an option.

I totally understand. Failure is a scary thought, though!

So often we fail to take action because we’re afraid of what people will think.

Here’s a question: who exactly are “these” people?

Here’s an exercise: write them down (all of them!). When we take a look at this list, we realize that a majority of these people are acquaintances that hardly care.

Sorry but we shouldn’t flatter ourselves. We’re not that important to them.

So that leaves a small group of people who will care. But here’s the twist (there’s always a twist): you’re on those people’s list too.

Call it a truce and let’s get to work.


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