The most unsafe road in the world (plus 5 words that can change your life)

In our society, thankfully, it’s the people who take action that get the glory. Not the people who ONLY dream of taking action.

In other words, it’s the people who DO that get the glory.

Not the people who want to do, or talk about doing, or intend on doing…

In college, I had a friend that lived on saying things to me like, “I was going to do this for you but…” or, “I saw this and was going to pick it up for you but…”

Yes, the thought is very nice! And I did appreciate it. But after a while, I’d just laugh because I realized this friend had good intentions but never actually followed through on ANY of them.

One of the things I try very hard to do is to follow through on every good intention or thought I have. Other wise, it’s simply an intention or a thought. Not a kind act!

This applies to eating right and exercising, too. We all know people who’ve been talking about losing weight forever.

“I’ll start eating healthfully Monday,” or, “I’ll start exercising next month,” or, “I’ll do that when…”

They’ll wait and wait until all of the stars are lined up, and unfortunately, keep on waiting.

Five Words That Can Change Your Life

Ask yourself: If not now, then when?

The excuses we make, and the rationalizations we come up with make sense at the time. However, I know when there is a disconnect between our intentions and our actions, unhappiness ensues.

Eventually, we start to see through our own bull crap, and it really wears on us.

I do believe, for the most part, we all have good intentions. We all want good things for ourselves, and others.

But we also have another side to us that’s constantly going against our true and deep intentions and desires.

Our irrational mind (or short term self) is constantly encouraging us to go down this very unsafe road. “Eat that cookie.” “Just relax!” “Don’t go to the gym.” “Do it tomorrow.”

What if for just THIS week we tried making good on all of our intentions?

How do you think you’d feel?

Whenever you don’t want to follow through remember the most unsafe road in the world is the road to hell.

And remember —> The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

P.S. I believe hell would be seeing what we would have accomplished if only we tried our hardest.

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