Slow week? Here's the most perfect excuse, ever.

This is one of the slooooooo-west weeks of the year – unless, of course, you sell champagne and party hats.

Naturally when everyone else slows down, so do we.

Most people don’t do much of anything this week (even if they’re “working”) except relax or vacation, eat left over holiday food and relive all the top stories of 2011 on TV or the Internet.

Already people are saying, “Well figure it out next week” or, “Let’s work on this in the New Year” or, “I’ll have so and so call you next week.”

I get it.

We all have to rest. All work and no rest makes for a very tired.

We all have things we want to change. BUT, at this point of the year, it’s so easy to give in to our short term, irrational mind.


We have THE most perfect excuse, ever.

“I will start on January 1st!”

It’s incredible, right?

No, I’m not saying we need to start taking action on ALL of our goals for the New Year right now. After all, I want to relive the top stories of 2011!

But telling myself, “I’ll start on January 1st.” is pure bull-secretion, unless…

I say that because when we wait until January 1st, the date itself becomes the agent of change. Instead of us!

Change happens when WE decide it’s going to happen. It happens in an instant. In a flash. It doesn’t care what day of the year it is.

And then…and then…it ONLY happens we fight like heck to make sure we have all of the tools and support necessary to back up that decision. Because if we don’t, our short term, irrational mind is going to be relentless in trying to fight our long term, rational mind at the first hint of discomfort.

Because after all, change is uncomfortable.

(Are you ready for a run-on sentence? I know I am!)

So, if we find ourselves watching (or reading) the top stories of 2010, and on the verge of ignoring our long term, rational mind, and not taking the action we really want to take – like going to the gym, or returning that gift, or cleaning that closet out – because we’ll just do it on “January 1st” — because we (want to) think we’ll become this “different” person — because of the date, let’s call bull-secretion.

And at least acknowledge that if we don’t change our actions, we can’t expect our outcomes to change either.

We’re better than that.


Unfortunately, it really is just too easy to make excuses and rationalize our excuses without any support, and accountability. AND if you combine that with a proven system to monitor and track your progress – it’s guaranteed that you’ll reach your goals.

In fact, that IS why MyBodyTutor is 100% money-back guaranteed. Are we crazy? No, I just believe in the MBT program that much. Read more about our insane guarantee by clicking here.

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