Sorry, but I'm taking a vacation to Paradise. Well, sorta…

What if somehow, someway, our memory of our selves was erased?

We wouldn’t have any limiting beliefs or self defeating thoughts…

All of our failures, screw ups and mistakes would be gone from our brain.

Sounds amazing right?

Of course, having our memories erased is not doable.


Instead, I’m going on a vacation. I can REALLY use one. BUT I want you to join me on the vacation!

Well, I’m not really going on vacation. I’m taking a vacation from myself.

There are still many things I do that I want to change. Many habits, actions, etc.

ABE baby! (Always Be Evolving!)


For example, what’s the first thing you do when you have an intense craving for chocolate?

Do you give in? Or do you reach for fruit? What if for just a week or just for the next 2 days you only reached for fruit?

Do you wake up as early as you want to? What if for just the next 3 days you woke up a tad earlier?

Do you cook yourself a healthy breakfast? What if for just the next 3 days you made yourself a healthy breakfast?

Do you submit your Daily Feedback right after your last meal? What if for the next 3 days, as soon as you’re done with dinner you flossed, brushed your teeth, used mouth wash then did the dishes and then logged on and filled out your feedback? (Let’s close that kitchen!)

What if you submitted your feedback even before dinner so you have to eat what you said you were going to eat!? (The more we can mentally rehearse what we’re going to eat, the better.)

Do you keep all of your promises? What if for just a week, you kept every promise you made to others AND yourself?

What if for just a week, you didn’t give in to any impulses and only ate whole, natural and real food?

Can I go on and on? YES!

But I think we get the point. I’m not asking you to do these things forever.

BUT, I’m asking you to try it for a week. 5 days! Actually, let’s make it for just the next TWO days.

And I want you to see how you feel after 2 days. We’re taking a vacation from ourselves!

So if you do something that you want to change, instead of talking about it or writing about it, let’s just be about it and THEN write about it! Starting this very moment!

Remember: act as if you were born today. Anything IS possible for the next two days. Why? We don’t know any better.

See you in paradise!



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