Are you so damn tired and just not in the mood? Read me.

Fitness is a decision.

But here’s the kicker: It’s a decision we make every day. And sometimes, clients tell me they’re not in the mood for it. Sometimes, I’m not in the mood for it, either.

But what’s “it”?

Why do we need to be in the mood for something to do the work?

And yes, it’s work.

Existing isn’t work. But living? That’s work. Thriving? That’s a lot of work.

It’s called work because it’s difficult. Not because we need to be in the mood for it.

Very few people wake up each day in the mood to eat healthfully or in the mood to exercise.

Besides, most of the world’s work is done by people who didn’t feeling like getting out of bed in the morning…

People aren’t usually in the mood to embrace the discomfort, or in the mood to be brutally honest with themselves which can be quite uncomfortable too.

Of course, what we’re in the mood for is irrelevant to how our body performs or how we exist, look, live or thrive.

Let’s not pay so much attention to what we’re in the mood for. Let’s pay attention to the work.

Then when we’re thriving, we’ll be in the mood to continue thriving.


If you’re often “not in the mood” I’d strongly suggest you consider a program that offers daily and personal accountability, daily support and a system to monitor and track your progress. It’s truly amazing what it will do for you.

The only program I know of is mine: /pages/ Yes, I’m biased. But I believe 1000% in what I do. Otherwise, I wouldn’t spend my life doing this.

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