Ever feel bad about spending money on healthy food? Read this.

Do you ever feel bad about spending good money on good food but don’t feel bad about spending good money on not so good food?

Confession time…

I love ice cream. I love cookies. I love hamburgers and fries.

I’m not saying it’s not fun to eat unhealthy. Because it is.

What I’m saying is that it’s MORE fun to eat healthfully.

Said in another way, I’ve never felt better from eating junk food than I have from eating healthy food.

I always feel better when I eat better.

I’m going to share the reason why some people have no idea how much fun eating healthfully actually is.

Ready for it?

When we’re in the middle of an intense craving, and we feel compelled to eat, we don’t think twice about the price.

$6 for a pint of ice cream? Here ya go…

$4 a cookie? Here ya go. And we’ll even say, “Thanks!”

5 miles away for that certain type of pizza you like? Vroom, vroom!

We do this because we’re thinking irrationally. We’re thinking with our short term self.

But, when we go to the supermarket on a satisfied stomach (because we don’t go to a supermarket hungry, right? Right!? 🙂 we’re rational and thinking long term.

$6 for grapes? What are they nuts?!

$8 for clementines?! How dare they…

It goes on and on. We feel bad about paying good money for good food but don’t think twice about paying good money for not so good food.

Here’s a quick lesson on why we buy:

We buy things because of the way they make us feel.

People don’t drive fancy cars because they get them from point A to B faster. People don’t buy nice watches because they tell time better.


We buy because of the way driving the car makes us feel. We buy the fancy watch for the same reason.

Here’s the best part about buying healthy food for ourselves —-> We feel better too!

I feel so much better investing in healthier food rather than junk food.

THAT is the crucial switch:


Want ice cream? The ice cream COSTS $6.

Want grapes but feel bad because your rational mind is telling you they’re too pricey? The grapes are an INVESTMENT of $6.

See the difference?

We feel better eating it and 10x better after eating it too.

So let’s not feel bad about spending a few extra bucks on ourselves food wise. It’s well worth it. After all, you’re worth it, right?

And besides, if you want to get all rational, I can list countless studies that prove how investing in our health and fitness now is far cheaper than the alternative.

I will spare you and instead share these two quotes:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

“It’s better to pay the supermarket than the doctor.”

After all, Warren Buffett said it best, “The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

Have a great week! And remember: if you’re going out to eat, don’t feel bad spending a few extra bucks on the healthier food! We never, ever, regret our healthy choices.

Successful people invest in themselves, and they don’t feel bad about it because they know they’re an appreciating asset. (Not a depreciating asset!)


Do it. There is nothing more worthwhile than our health and fitness. Nothing.

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