The dreaded F word and what to do about it

A client keeps bringing up the ‘F’ word. She’s battled her weight for a long, long time. And she’s yo-yoed for years and years.

She’s doing incredibly well with MBT but she keeps bringing up the ‘F’ word.

She’s terrified of failing…again. (Thankfully she found MBT and I won’t let her fail. That’s not an option.)

But I understand. Failure is a scary thought!

So often we fail to take action because we’re afraid of what people will think.

Here’s a question: who exactly are these people?

Here’s an exercise: write them down (all of them!). When we take a look at this list we realize that a majority of these people are acquaintances that hardly care.

Sorry but we shouldn’t flatter ourselves. We’re not that important to them.

So that leaves a small group of people who will care. But here’s the twist (there’s always a twist): you’re on those people’s list too.

Call it a truce and let’s get to work.


Sticking with your diet and exercise plan is the hardest part about losing weight and getting healthy and fit.

Well, helping you actually stick with it IS what we specialize in. It’s why we get the results we do. And it’s why we have the track record we do. Learn how we can help you succeed (guaranteed or your money back!) by clicking here.

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