When success happens

It’s Friday afternoon. It’s 4:30pm. I’m exhausted. It was a long week.

I don’t feel like doing anything. I certainly don’t feel like exercising. I also feel like eating junk tonight.

However, here’s what I’ve learned: Success happens when we don’t feel like being successful.

This IS the discomfort. As we know, the more we embrace and push through the discomfort, the more results we’ll see and feel.

It’s so easy to give into the discomfort, though. Most people do! (That’s why most people aren’t successful. Hey, if it was easy, everyone would do it!)

A client shared this awesome quote with me:

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

How this applies to us:

Exercise wise —-> the hardest part is starting.

Once we start, momentum takes over. Commit to just 5 minutes of exercise. Know how to get 5 minutes of exercise done? Focus on only the first 20 seconds. That is the hardest part.

Once we get to the 5 minutes, we’re almost always glad we started. And if you really don’t want to keep on going, that’s okay. At least you started. If we push through the discomfort right now we’re building and reinforcing that habit. (And, of course, if we give in, we’re reinforcing that too.)

Diet wise —-> the hardest part after a long week is choosing.

One of the many times we feel discomfort happens between the time we feel hungry, and the time we actually start eating. Once we start eating we’re good. We’re glad we made a healthy choice! It’s until we start eating that we’re not.

Why not decide what you’re going to eat right now? It’ll take less than 20 seconds.

In both cases, we almost always regret giving into the discomfort.

And in both cases, we never, ever, regret pushing through it.

How do you want to feel?

How are you going to apply the 20 seconds?

Let’s finish the week strong!


Discomfort is extremely hard to push through consistently. That’s the brutal reality.

However, when you have daily support and daily accountability combined with a proven system to monitor and track your progress + tons of tactics, and strategies being given to you by someone whose ONLY job is to make sure you succeed, it makes ALL of the difference. It’s why we have the track record we do.

It makes the discomfort very tolerable, and dare I say comfortable. Learn more about my 100% money back guaranteed program by clicking here. Let’s go! What are you waiting for? [Insert your excuse here.]

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