Welcome Happiness Project Readers!

Thanks so much for clicking on over to check out my blog! I see that Gretchen was nice enough to mention our wonderful meeting.

Anyway, a few quick things for you:

1. Do you have trouble staying consistent with your diet and/or exercise? Are you good at starting diets but not very good at sticking with them?

My program is for you! That IS exactly why I created MyBodyTutor over 6+ years ago. You can learn more about my program by clicking here.

You can also check out some of our most recent success stories by clicking here (with some awesome before and afters) and our testimonials page by clicking here.

I believe so strongly in my program, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can try my program for a month. If it doesn’t work for you, ask for your money back. It’s that simple. I made it a no-brainer for you to try it out.

2. Right now, you’re on my blog. Here, I share some of the strategies and tactics I use with my clients. While you may not resonate with every post, I’m confident many of them will help you. Why not subscribe to my blog on the top left of this page under “Don’t Miss A Thing!” I promise to only send you high quality material.

Sure, the strategies and tactics matter. But the real reason why MBT has been able to get our clients such amazing results, and the reason why our clients love what we do so much is the daily and personal accountability. We not only tell you exactly what to do in order to reach your goal(s)…but we make sure you actually do it! This is what makes all of the difference.

You can read about my program, and why I believe so strongly it’ll work for you by clicking here.

3. It turns out, getting the body we want and losing weight is about three things: eating right. Exercising. And doing those two things consistently.

It’s the consistency part that is so hard! That is what we focus on.

Thanks again for checking out my site! I do appreciate it.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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