If you loved someone how would you show it?


Pierre Reverdy said, “There is no love; there are only proofs of love.”

I love that quote.

It makes me think, “There is no being healthy and fit; there are only proofs of being healthy and fit.”

We can say we are something — but unless we act, and ultimately do, we’re not anything.

Ughh! But it’s so much easier to just say we are than it is to do, right?

If we want to be a certain way, then let’s focus on acting that way. Eventually, if we act that way enough, we’ll wind up being that way.

Instead of focusing on being healthy and fit this week, let’s focus on proofs of being healthy and fit.

It’s not a question of if — it’s a question of when we’ll get to where we want to be – IF we take this day by day.

And that means focusing on proofs of being healthy and fit choice by choice.

When we’re faced with a challenge, let’s………………pause, and question ourselves so we can remember what it is we really want (but sometimes forget).

By pausing, we’re giving our long term / rational mind a chance to answer. Not our short term / irrational mind aka our Lazy Bone.

So, for this week, let’s try asking ourselves this question when we’re tempted:

“What would a healthy and fit person do right now?”

Then let’s do it.


There is our proof.


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