How to get the body you want (and why most people never do)


This post is about what it takes to get the body you want. It’s also about why most people never do get the body they want.

The key to getting the body you want (and anything) is…persistence.

What is persistence?

Persistence is having the same goal over and over and over and over. In other words, it’s wanting the same thing over and over and over and over.

The challenge with weight loss is that it’s never about a hammer hitting plate glass.

It’s always about the accrued power of thousands of meals. Meals that accrue, morsel by morsel until our body is ready to change, starting a downward trend.

The first few pounds are very exciting, of course. Everyone lines up to cheer. (Our friends, loved ones, coworkers, Facebook friends, etc., etc., etc.,)

The pounds after that, though, are often lonely. (Everyone is great at STARTING diets…it’s the keeping on going. That’s the hard part. This is partially why we see so many people START diet after diet.)

Everyone has long left the building or the cheering section and moved on to celebrate some other first few pounds.

[This is also one of the reasons why I believe in the MBT program so much. We’re with you every step of the way from start to finish – through the good and not so good – through the exciting and not so exciting.]

And so the pounds after the first few pounds, oftentimes get questioned by ourselves the most.

“Am I still working on this?” “Do I really want to lose the weight?” “Is this that important to me?” “Is this really worth it?”

These thoughts are coming straight from our short term, irrational mind.

Remember: in the battle between our short term, irrational mind VS our long term, rational mind, the job of the irrational mind is to reduce the amount of discomfort we face as much as possible. Why? Our short term/irrational mind cares about one thing and one thing only: NOW!

This is the battle we all face: Balancing living for today versus living for tomorrow.

Let’s talk about three ways to get what we want in life:

1. Actually, get what we want! (“Wow, that was so insightful Adam!”)

2. Or, and this is what most people do, change what we want. (And this is exactly why most people never get what they want!)

We change what we want because we realize that getting what we want isn’t so easy. We realize it takes a combo of consistency + patience + embracing discomfort + compromise + a willingness to be vulnerable among other things.

So we rationalize…

“Eh, I don’t care about my body. He/she should love me for who I am!”

“Screw it, I rather enjoy my life now and eat whatever I want than be a miserable fit person!”

“I’ll worry about my health and fitness later. I’m too busy!” (It’s scary how often we say this to ourselves. “Success” at the expense of our health and fitness isn’t really success, is it?)

I can go on and on. We all do this.

Obstacles and challenges are those annoying things that appear when we lose sight of our goals.

3. It turns out, the most effective way to get what we want – is to keep having the same goal over and over and over. To keep wanting the same thing over and over.

It’s key that we stay focused on all the benefits of being healthier and more fit. It’s key that we focus on the beautiful omelets we’re making rather than the broken eggs.

Our desire to be healthy and fit doesn’t go away. It either gets realized or rationalized. Rationalizing them away is “easier” but it doesn’t lead to satisfaction and fulfillment.

We all know what we really want. Knowing that our short term / irrational mind is going to chime in every now and then to try to convince us otherwise helps us to call it what it is — “Oh there’s the discomfort again!” — and laugh at it like this (video, safe for work), and keep on keeping on.

P.S. Keep on keeping on is a lot easier said than done. That’s where the MBT program comes into play. There’s a reason why we’ve been able to help so many people get the body they want since 2008. Our program works or you get your  money back. It’s that simple. I’ve made it completely risk free for you to give us a shot. What are you waiting for?

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