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How To & Healthy Lifehacking Articles

Before you read any of these articles please read this!

When I first launched this company back in January of 2007 I had all of my articles ‘locked up’ only for my clients. I decided that when I redid my website I was going to ‘unlock’ all of my articles so everyone can read them...

How to Get out of a Bad Mood in 60 Seconds

If you are a human being you probably have emotional mood swings.

 At times, you feel awesome. At other times, you want the world to just be quiet.

 I feel ya.

 So, for all of us wanting to break out of our bad moods when that dreadful time comes, just do this...

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to Get Smarter this Weekend

Scenario: We’re all on a mission to be the smartest people in the world. We have to stop playing basketball for the rest of our lives. We can’t run any more 5Ks, play football on Sundays, or bike 50-mile trails. We can’t do anything else but read, study and work...

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to Heal Yourself

In a study by Ohio State researchers, scientists discovered exercising sped up the recovery process.

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to Stay Long Forever!

People have plastic surgery because society has deemed their face ugly. 

But, that won’t make them feel any younger.

 If you want to stay young, live longer, and feel like the sexy beast that you are, focus on your blood vessels.

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to Best Spend a Minute

Instead of focusing on the I-have-to’s, this question drives you to embrace the super-sexy-sweetness of your life.

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to Get Stronger

If you want to be perceived as stupid, lift weights. If you’d like to be a nerd, read books.

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to Exercise at Home

Let’s get a little creative here. How about jugs of water, canned goods, candlesticks, or books?

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to get rid of your love handles

This answer is the same one I have for any spot-reducing request.

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to tell what someone really cares about

A lot of people always talk about what they want to do, what they want to accomplish, what they meant do, their intentions, how they want to change the world and on and on and on.

Date Published: November 06, 2008

How to never hit the snooze button ever again

I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself. Sometimes, I wonder what the point is. Why can’t I just relax, why can’t I just be content, why do I expect so much from myself?

Date Published: November 06, 2008
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Raise your hand in the air…


Now raise it one inch higher! See we can always be pushed a little harder.

The finest athletes and greatest musicians realize that they need to work with coaches and mentors to help them get to where they want to be. Why shouldn’t you?

No more excuses. You deserve it!


The Someday Disease

We’ve all said it. “Some day I’ll lose weight.” or, “Some day I’ll start going to the gym.”

Unfortunately, some day never comes. Today is the day!

– Adam Gilbert, MBT Founder