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Mindless, Emotional, & Habitual Eating Articles

Before you read any of these articles please read this!

When I first launched this company back in January of 2007 I had all of my articles ‘locked up’ only for my clients. I decided that when I redid my website I was going to ‘unlock’ all of my articles so everyone can read them...

I Live for Food!

MyBodyTutor will help you change from the inside out. Emotional eating and binging has nothing to do with overeating and everything do with your emotions.

Date Published: November 04, 2008

Emotional, mindless and habitual eating and how to stop it!

We will conquer this. It’s going to require some self-discovery. Most people rather not deal with their feelings. They rather eat them. My goal is to help you overcome any challenges you may face that make it difficult for you to stay consistent with your diet and exercise.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

More on emotional, habitual and mindless eating!

Stop. Think about why you're eating. Once you realize why...take action!

 Rome wasn't built in a day.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

Are you about to mindlessly or habitually or emotionally eat?

We have all used food as a way to cope with stress at one time or another. There 
will never be a totally stress-free time in your life. The key is to identify the things 
that are making you feel pressured, sad, angry, or anxious.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

It’s time to begin establishing Healthy Patterns

Now you have different methods for identifying, acknowledging, and bringing to the surface the emotions that have sabotaged you in the past. Find some activities or hobbies that comfort and interest you so that you don’t have to resort to food.

Date Published: November 05, 2008

Stop Eating out of Boredom!

Boredom is one of the most common causes of overeating. SO many of us are drawn to the fridge or pantry the minute we have some downtime. But if you eat because you can't find anything else to do, then you're sabotaging yourself.

There is some good news here though!

Date Published: November 05, 2008

17 fabulously easy tips and tricks to stop mindlessly eating

These 17 fabulously easy tips and tricks to stop mindlessly eating are simple to follow. Get started today!

Date Published: November 05, 2008
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The world is your stage!


You get to choose your cast of characters, your scenery; everything. Why not be the best looking and most energized actor you can be? We’ll help you command that stage!

Find out how!

hockey2_smObjects in Motion

Consistently feel energized and pumped up.

Objects at rest… stay at rest! Objects in motion… stay in motion. We’ll make sure you do just that!

– Adam Gilbert, MBT Founder