Some of you will say things like, "This program sounds amazing but next Monday I’m going to start exercising," or, "Tomorrow I’m going to start eating healthy…" or "After the holidays, I’ll get back on track…"

Our clients used to say these things too, till they looked in the mirror 6 months later and realized saying these things got them nowhere. They were still staring at the same face — and the same weight — as 6 months ago.

Here at MBT, we have a lot of evidence. Hundreds of clients. Thousands more who didn’t end up signing up for our coaching and accountability program.

Guess what’s the number one difference between our clients and the people who didn’t end up signing up?

It’s also the secret to losing weight and keeping it off that we’re about to share with you.

Anyone can do anything ONCE. But, most people don’t follow through, and everyone struggles with consistency.

The secret to long-term weight loss — and the Body of your Dreams — is doing the same healthy things over and over again. It’s so important that we call it Consistency, with a capital C.

Now you know how MBT works! Consistency is the core of our business, and we’re the the first and only service of our kind to offer daily and personal accountability, daily support and daily feedback.


Don’t you think if you could "just eat healthfully and exercise" consistently you would? If Consistency were so easy, we’d all do it. (And we’d all be in great shape!)

There’s a huge difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing it.

MBT guarantees Consistency with this "patented" formula*

Deep expertise on diet, nutrition and fitness science AND psychology
Fully customized individual diet and fitness plan
Daily accountability and support for you to follow your plan
Daily feedback on your progress and goals
Insane service and client love. (Read some of our testimonials here.)

* Just kidding — we haven’t patented this, and we won’t need to. The real reason MBT is so unique is because we’re the only ones crazy-committed enough to offer one-on-one fitness coaching where we are just as accountable to your success as you are. No overnight diet pills here.

Success — and the body of your dreams — is the natural end result to the unbeatable consistency that our clients develop through our program of daily accountability, support, and feedback.

Nothing beats having an expert who is 100% committed to your Consistency and success from start to finish (and now we’ve even got a Lifetime Maintenance Plan to make sure you enjoy the Body of your Dreams for life.)

Your expert Body Tutor is the friend who’s always supporting you, the coach who’s holding you accountable, and the expert who’s giving you personalized, detailed feedback and critique along with encouragement to keep you honest, motivated and on track. And if you fall off track, we’re right there with you to help you recover right away. Active Recovery is a key part of Consistency, and it makes all the difference.

2/3 of America is overweight because Consistency is very, very hard. Our goal is to teach you how to use Consistency to finally shape the body — and life — of your dreams. We make Consistency doable. Dare I say, fun. And we have over 1000+ testimonials and success stories to prove it.

The most destructive thing smart people do is spend their lives waiting. What exactly are you waiting for?

There will always be another reason to wait.

"The program sounds incredible!" "This is exactly what I need!" "I love the idea of daily and personal accountability!" but…

But what?

Spoiler Alert: The stars never align!

We know that Consistency is intimidating (that’s why so many people struggle with it). We know that even something as great as getting the body of your dreams can be intimidating… "What if that’s not possible for me??"

We also know there’s nothing we can say on this website that will be as convincing as trying MBT — and experiencing the benefits of Consistency firsthand.

We want you to have a shot at getting the body — and life — of your dreams. So, we’re removing all of the risk for you with our insane full money-back guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled with your MBT results, we’ll gladly refund your full membership fee, no questions asked (except maybe, How can we be better next time?)


An MBT membership appears to cost $249 a month, or $62 a week or $8 a day to guarantee that you reach your health and fitness goals (don’t forget our insane full money-back guarantee).

But what does MBT really cost in the big picture of your weight loss and fitness goals?


A personal trainer, on average, costs $60 PER session. Whoa! If you’ve never enlisted one, now you know.

If you see a trainer 2-3 times a week that can run up to $180 a week, or $720 a month.

Recall that an MBT membership will run you $62 per week or $249 a month.

Keep in mind that your trainer is available on a limited basis only — just those 2-3 hours per week (and who knows how consistent you are with your diet and exercise the rest of the time…).

We’re the first to say that getting a personal trainer can be helpful for some. But for most, it’s what you do between workouts that really makes the difference!

MBT will be with you from start to finish, 24/7/365 – helping you get through the ups and downs with full Consistency until you reach your goal.

PS — It turns out, 70% of our results come from our diet. That’s why you’ll see the same person working their butt off in the gym month after month – even with a trainer – without looking ANY different!

Which brings us to…


A typical nutritionist / wellness coach on average charges $300+ a month for either bi-weekly phone calls or in person meetings of about 20 minutes in duration on site at their office or clinic, usually during regular work hours (this can be tough for… EVERYONE).

A nutritionist or wellness coach will offer you advice on what to do. A lot of people need some advice like this to get started.

But advice simply isn’t enough for 99% of people to get and keep the Body of their Dreams.

What makes MBT special is that not only will we tell you what to do, through your customized diet and fitness plan, but we’ll also make sure you do it!

Your own expert Body Tutor will be there for you every single day holding you accountable and giving you support to make sure you’re actually doing the right things in the kitchen and in the gym, meal by meal, workout by workout, day by day. And because we work so closely with you, we know when you’re off track, and help you recover right away!

To us, this is what Consistency is all about.

It drives us crazy to see people jumping on and off the diet roller coaster, the workout fad of the week.

We know — backed up by hundreds of our own clients’ success stories — that the real secret to getting and keeping the body of your dreams, for life, is Consistency.

And this is exactly what we do at MBT.

We are 100% sure the MBT program will help you get the body you want… hence the insane money-back guarantee:

MBT is GUARANTEED to help you, or your money back. You risk absolutely nothing, except unwanted pounds! Plus, with MBT you’ll learn skills that you’ll have for the rest of your life so you don’t have to deal with this over and over again.

We’re not here to attract people who lose weight only to gain it all back. Our goal is to help you get AND keep the body you want, for good.


Once we reach your goal together, you will get LIFETIME access to our maintenance program, for free. This is our commitment to helping you lose weight and keeping it off. We’re not interested in ‘repeat business’ like so many other weight loss programs, because we know if you’re happy, experience tells us that you’ll rave about MBT to everyone you know and love.

I’ve put my heart and soul into MBT since February of 2007. I’m extremely proud of the MBT program, and I obviously want you to try MBT. There’s nothing more I can say. You have nothing to lose with our 100% guarantee. Don’t wait to realize you shouldn’t have waited.
Adam Gilbert, MBT Founder and CEO

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