Why does eating every 3-4 hours work?

Diet is at least 80% of the challenge.

Right off the bat I need you to know one thing: STOP starving yourself!

My clients are always delightfully surprised at this. The key isn’t to starve. Actually, that’s exactly what you don’t want to do. What we want to do is to eat something every 3 – 4 hours. Most people eat 2-3 big meals per day. They go six, seven, sometimes, eight hours without food. When you don’t eat for a while your blood sugar really drops. (This is also extremely effective if you have a large appetite and feel hungry often.)

And then when you eat after six, seven hours your blood sugar spikes. When your blood sugar spikes that causes there to be excess insulin in your blood. When there is excess insulin in your blood your body stores fat more easily.

This is also why it’s very important to eat breakfast and to make it a priority. Because by the time you wake up, your blood sugar is low. If you wait until lunch time it’s even lower!

Can you explain this in more detail?

Think back to the caveman (sorry Geico cavemen!) days. Back then, there were no supermarkets to get whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted it. There weren’t bodegas on every corner like there are in New York City. The caveman didn’t know when his next meal was coming. He only ate when he made the kill and would literally stuff himself until he couldn’t move! Why? Because he knew that he might not eat again for days or even weeks!

This made our bodies very bad at processing food. Since our bodies didn’t know when we were going to eat next, they were forced to revert into something known as “survival mode”.

Whenever you eat, your digestive system converts most of your food, especially large amounts of carbs to glucose (blood sugar). It’s a very complex process but basically anytime we eat we’re in ‘survival mode’.

(Find out if it’s better to eat before or after a work out)

Because of this our body converts most of the glucose…in conjunction with the hormone insulin…to fat! This is why people who constantly starve themselves can gain weight while eating only one meal per day! We’d all like to speed up our metabolism. Unfortunately, over thousands and thousands of years our bodies haven’t changed much from the days of the caveman. Every time we eat, our bodies are already automatically going to convert what we eat to fat…even if it’s fat free!

So the big question is, “Adam, how do I change my body from a fat storer to a fat burner?” It’s all about proper nutrition.

The answer is simply this: Eat 4-6 portion-controlled, balanced meals every 3-4 hours throughout the day.

By eating this way, you’ll effortlessly speed up your metabolism. (Also try drinking more water to speed up your metabolism) Think of this way. If you have a campfire burning and you don’t add wood to the fire, eventually the campfire will burn out! But if you add a little wood every few hours, the campfire will continue to burn. And burn hot!!!

70% of weight loss is WHAT, WHEN, and WHY you eat. With accountability, you can be consistent about eating smaller meals every 3 or 4 hours and exercising.

So, as you see, our metabolism is like the fire…never or rarely feed it and it will slow down. Feed it every few hours and it has no choice but to speed up!

Burn baby. Burn.

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    Victoria L.Bill H.Lisa C.Samantha H.Megan S.
  • It's difficult to stay consistent on a long term basis. The encouragement and support along with the accountability MBT provides is very important. It's the first time I've been able to stay consistent and because of that I've reached my goal of 115 pounds. I've tried losing the 25 pounds so many times over without any long term success. I'd always gain the weight right back. This time will be different because I changed my relationship with food and I've developed so many healthy habits and behaviors. It feels like second nature. It's never felt like that before. Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!
    Victoria L.
    25 pounds gone
  • If it was "easy" everyone would be doing it and everyone would be fit. I had actually looked at MBT 6 months before joining. I thought I could apply their principles and use some of the many free or low-cost apps and do it myself. Ha! After unsuccessfully trying to lose the weight on my own yet again, I finally joined MBT. I wish I didn't wait. I weighed 225 when I started with my ideal weight being 180. I now weigh 178 pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life. My coach had and has been there for me during this whole journey and I can attest to the fact that it is the camaraderie and accountability to a real person who knows me that makes all the difference.
    Bill H.
    47 pounds gone.
  • Adam you truly are the best. Your program is easy to follow, healthy, sustainable and the Daily Feedback is what did it for me. I've never been able to stay so consistent and it's why I got such amazing results. I have never in my life felt better! Thank you so much for creating this amazing program! 40 pounds gone. Gone for good!!!
    Lisa C.
    40 pounds gone
  • MBT isn't just an amazing program, it's a person. Knowing who I have to give my daily report has made all the difference. The concept of accountability is what made all the difference for me. I knew HOW to lose weight, I just needed someone to make me follow through on what I really wanted and knew I should do. No book, weekly meeting, app or pill bottle, or whatever people do to try to lose weight, will give you as much support and accountability as MBT does. I have NEVER in my life been able to stay on a “diet” for more than a few weeks until now. Because of that, I’ve lost 35 pounds and it’s the first time in my life I’ve lost weight and feel completely confident I’ll be able to maintain it. In fact, MBT is the only program that got easier as time went on, not harder. I love MBT and I only wish I knew about it sooner!
    Samantha H.
    35 pounds gone
  • There are so many things I love about MBT. Losing weight was incredibly easy because the voice in my head that used to tell me to eat junk food was replaced by my tutor's voice. My relationship with food has completely changed. I also like that everything is so personal and my tutor knows me and my lifestyle. Don't lose that when you guys get famous! I didn’t lose the 15 pounds because I’m never going to find them again! They’re gone...for good! Thank you!
    Megan S.
    15 pounds gone

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