Never Asked Questions

That’s what most company FAQs really are. Easily answered questions that no one has ever asked. Those fake FAQs are useless.

So below are the top 10 questions we have actually received since opening our ‘doors’ in February of 2007. We hope this helps. Unlike David Letterman’s lists, they are in no particular order.

Diet & Exercise

  • Do I have to buy any special food, bars, supplements, pills, etc?

    OMG, NO! I thought this was a given but this question has been asked many times over the years. Too many weight loss companies exist solely for the purpose of selling you their own branded food. Ugh! How is that sustainable? We exist to get you sustainable results by teaching you how to change your relationship with food and helping you develop healthy habits and behaviors around food so you can navigate real life – whether that’s at a restaurant, work function, holiday party, birthday, or a routine meal at home, work or school.

  • What is the diet really like?

    This isn’t a cookie, shake or grapefruit diet.

    It is extremely sustainable, practical and healthy. And it’s really simple which is precisely why it works so well.

    The diet consists of lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit. Unlike other programs that encourage strict and limiting regimens, your body will never be deprived of essential nutrients and the vitamins it needs.

    In fact, our clients are always surprised and delighted by how frequently they’re eating. I hate being hungry! And you’ll soon learn rule #1 is to never let yourself get starving (for several reasons).

  • I’m a vegan / vegetarian / pescatarian can you still help me?

    Of course. We have (and continue) to help plenty of vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians. We help people follow all kinds of diets. Although we strongly believe in our diet plan, you don’t have to follow it. What’s most important is that you stick to something, and that’s what we’ll help you do. That said, we do believe a big part of being able to stick to something is the food you eat. Different types of foods impact how satiated you feel.


  • How do I sign someone else up?

    Want to sign up a friend or family member? Sure thing! On the Signup page please enter their name, email address and phone number and your credit card information.

  • I live in ____________(fill in the blank). Can I join MBT?

    MBT has helped thousands of people of all ages, sizes and shapes around the globe. Because we’re online based, it doesn’t matter where you live so long as you have access to the internet, which you obviously do! We’ve been doing this since 2007, and we’ve never had any issues with the difference in time zones. We typically use services like Skype and WhatsApp along with our mobile/web application to communicate though we’re happy to use a different service if that suits you better.

    Here are some recent success stories from international clients:

    Barbara lives in a very rural part of Canada.
    Jayne lives in Japan.
    Sharmin lives in the UK.
    Paula lives in New Zealand.

  • What is your typical client like?

    What all of my clients have in common is that they have nothing in common.

    Well, that’s not entirely true.

    First off, they don’t let their ego get in the way. (That’s a link to an article I wrote on my blog, GuruGilbert.) Some people believe in the power of “Do it yourself.” These are the same people who lose weight and gain weight and lose weight and gain weight because they’re too proud to get help, and wind up in a vicious cycle of losing and gaining for years and years never understanding why, and never being able to break that cycle.

    For the record, “Do it yourself” doesn’t mean “Do it ALL by yourself.”

    Secondly, they believe that consistency is the key to success. They recognize how hard it is (otherwise, they would have done it on their own already) but know it’s critical.

    They also want to be the best person that they can be. They know that when they realize their body’s full potential, they are way more likely to realize their overall potential. And they are willing to invest in themselves to get to where they want to be.

    They want that extra push that we all need to succeed. The most successful people in this world all have people supporting them. Why shouldn’t you?

    As you can see from our success stories, we work with all sorts, types and shapes of people.

    If you don’t have the body you want it’s because you’re not staying consistent with your diet and/or exercise.

    And if you’re like the 95% of people who need help staying consistent, you’re in the right place.


  • Is there really a 100% money back guarantee?

    Of course there is! I believe in what I do more than anything. So much so, that I’m willing to put my money where my words are. This way, you can try MBT out risk-free.

    For more questions on our ridiculous guarantee check out this page

  • Is there a minimum monthly commitment / any long term contracts?

    No. We want to make this a no-brainer for you to give us a shot because we know you’ll love what we’re about. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

  • Can I pay with my HSA/FSA card?

    We do not accept HSA/FSA cards directly as payment, but many of our clients have been reimbursed by their HSA/FSA accounts for their MyBodyTutor fees. Please contact your plan administrator to see if they will reimburse you for weight loss and fitness coaching.


  • Do I need to join a gym?

    Absolutely not. In fact, many of our clients don’t belong to a gym. Many of our clients don’t have time for a gym. And even if you do…no sweat! (See what I did there?) It’s definitely not a requirement. We’ll create an exercise plan that is tailored to your goals, lifestyle and exercise preferences.

  • What makes you think you can help me change if I haven’t been able to in the past?

    Let’s face it. It were easy to change, people would do it.

    It’s the pushing and the coaching and the guidance and the inspiration and the daily expectations combined with our proven program, system and methods that helps the change occur.

    Being honest with yourself (and us) every night will make all the difference in the world. And lying to yourself is an awful feeling – which is exactly why this is so effective!

    Studies show that when people are about to do something they know they shouldn’t do and are forced to look at themselves in the mirror they hold themselves back.

    In short: consider MyBodyTutor your 24/7 mirror. That’s why I think (actually, I know!) MBT will help you change for the better, and most importantly, get you the results you desire.

  • How is MBT different than a nutritionist?

    Most nutritionists only work in their office, during business hours, which is a pain. Ain’t nobody got time for that! They usually charge $300 a month for only twice per month sessions that last no more than 30 minutes.

    Then you are on your own until the next session. They’ll hand you a meal plan and hope you stick with it. There’s no daily follow up.

    If they’re good, they’ll ask you to record what you eat each day, and then review it with you at the next appointment. Big mistake. This assumes consistency isn’t a challenge. If it was so easy to “just stick with it” everyone would be in amazing shape.

    With MBT, you’ll report your meals (and exercise) on our easy-to-use mobile or web app every night! And then every morning you’ll get personalized expert feedback in the form of suggestions and positive encouragement to ensure you’re following through. There is no shaming, only support.

    Sure, a nutritionist tells you what to do. But what makes MBT so special is that not only will we tell you what to do – but your very own Body Tutor will be there for you every single day to make sure you’re doing the right things meal by meal, day by day.

    Life happens and gets in the way sometimes and because we work so closely with you, we know when you’re off track, and help you recover right away. This is the key! It’s why we get the results we do. You are never alone. You have a true partner in your journey every day to better health until we reach your goal. Whether it’s a mental block or a tactical problem, we’ll be with you every step along the way to help you get through anything and everything that might get in the way of reaching your goal.

    This keeps you focused, on track, and accountable every day. The effect is extremely empowering and ridiculously effective. Plus, it’s a fraction of the price and unlike a nutritionist, we guarantee our results because we believe in what we offer so much.

  • How is MBT different from a personal trainer?

    Although a trainer can be helpful, it’s what you do BETWEEN workouts that really makes the difference. It turns out, 80% of weight loss is diet. It’s about what, why and how you eat. This is why you see people working their butts off in the gym month after month — even with a trainer (!) — without looking ANY different. You can’t out exercise a poor diet. We like to think of diet as the key to weight loss and exercise as the key to energy, a better mood, and stress relief.

    You can do two hours of cardio daily but if you’re not eating right you are wasting your time. It’s what you do between gym sessions that matters most.

    Trainers charge anywhere between $60-$150 per session.

    If you see a trainer 3x per week:

    That is $180 per week. (Yikes…)
    That is $720 per month. (Double yikes…)

    And most people still look the same after working with a trainer for a long time! That’s craziness. Not only do we cost a fraction of the price, but we guarantee your results.

    Like a personal trainer, MBT will provide you a customized workout plan based on your goals. However, we have found that most people don’t need someone to hold their hand in the gym (especially for $60-150 per session). What they do need (and want) is someone to make sure they get to the gym. Trainers also charge per session and are only available when you’re with them. With MBT, we’re always available for you.

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