Jonathan B.

Who am I?

Jonathan B.I’m Jonathan Bennett, the tech guy here at MyBodyTutor! I’ve been involved with software and web development since my early teens and loved every moment of it.

How did I get involved with MyBodyTutor?

I started working as a software engineer for a large university in my mid twenties. At that time I was around 5′ 9″ and 138lbs. After a few years of working, I found that I was still 5′ 9″ (no surprise) but somehow I had gone up to around 155lbs. I figured I had gained an average of around six or seven pounds per year. And it wasn’t muscle weight. Trust me! It’s amazing how it can sneak up on us. My clothes weren’t fitting right anymore.

I realized one of the main reasons for this weight gain was sitting down all day. Before working as a software engineer, I worked at a bookstore where I was on my feet all day and played intramural sports. The new sedentary job and mediocre food decisions (I was practically addicted to soda) had lead me to slowly gain weight, which made it even harder to notice.

I made a New Year Resolution to get into the best shape of my life. Six months later, not much had changed. I just wasn’t able to keep myself dedicated to eating right and exercising regularly.

I knew that my health is the most important asset I have in my life, because what good is anything if we don’t have our health? So I got serious and searched for help. That’s when I found MyBodyTutor.

Within the first month of MyBodyTutor, I was eating better and exercising more consistently than I had in years (actually, ever). It kept me accountable (which is what I needed) and started getting me more fit immediately. Within weeks I was stronger, had more endurance, and shed body fat. I also had more energy than ever because I was eating so much healthier. Within six months I was in the best shape of my life.

After experiencing how effective MBT is, and getting to really know Adam (the founder of MBT) and seeing just how truly committed he is to helping people, I wanted to be a part of MBT. I helped with making some changes on the website. Soon after, Adam and I made plans for an improved version of the MyBodyTutor application and the rest is history!

I’m happy to be involved with a great team and company that has helped so many people improve their health. What a great mission and purpose to have!

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