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Before you read any of these articles please read this!

When I first launched this company back in February of 2007, I had all of my articles ‘locked up’ only for my clients. I decided that when I redid my website I was going to ‘unlock’ all of my articles so everyone can read them.

My mom thought I was crazy. “Adam, you’re spending a fortune redoing your website, why would you open up your articles to the public?!” Because I’m not in the business of hoarding valuable information. Hoarding information makes it worth less, not more.

It’s not that you don’t know what to do, because for the most part, you do.

It’s just that you keep making excuses and keep procrastinating because, unfortunately, it is just too easy to lie to ourselves and even easier to rationalize and justify our poor eating and lack of exercise.

It's the doing it that is the hard part. The day in and day out. Meal by meal. Workout by workout. I call that consistency. And that’s why I created my company. To help you stay consistent like no other company in the world!

Of course, we'll make sure you know exactly what to do in order to reach your goal. And we'll give you all sorts of amazing tips, tricks and strategies along the way.

People ask me all the time what’s the secret? Why are your clients doing so well? Why are your clients so happy?

One word: Consistency.

If you do the right things day in and day out – you’ll get to where you want to be – and that’s what I live for. To help you do just that.

When you do what you really want to do (who doesn’t want to eat right and exercise and enjoy the benefits of both) you’ll feel amazing. When you do that consistently you’ll feel amazing consistently, and of course, see results!

When you read these articles you’ll realize how simple my diet and exercise advice is. That’s the idea! It’s precisely why my program works so well. Being healthy and fit doesn’t require you to read book after book. It just requires you to stay consistent week after week.

But most of us can’t do that.

And I’m extremely confident that I have created the best program in the world for helping people stay consistent. My clients aren’t staying with me month and after month for my articles. They are staying with me because of the way I’m able to keep them honest with themselves, the way I’m able to keep them consistent,  motivated, inspired and the way I guide them on a daily basis.

So I really hope you enjoy the articles!

And if you don’t have any problems staying consistent feel free to use this as a resource. I’ve lived my life for the last 15 years based on these principles.

For those of you who do need help staying consistent – get in touch with us. You're in the right place! I know you won’t regret it.

Either way, thanks for reading!