What are the Best Restaurant Options?

Unfortunately, it’s really easy to eat crappy food. It’s around us all of the time. But fortunately, just as easy as it is to eat crappy food, it’s just as easy to eat healthy food!

Let’s go. Find the healthiest options on any menu and stay on track!

Mexican: Always look for chicken, beef, or shrimp fajitas with black beans or salad on the side. Some good choices: Carne asada (steak with onions and peppers); Shrimp diablo (this is grilled with garlic butter – please make sure to tell them to go easyyy on that); Grilled fish tacos (with one corn tortilla rather than two); Taco and tostada salads with chicken, beef, or shrimp for protein (don’t eat the taco bowl). Always get everything à la carte. Don’t get the rice (usually loaded with butter) and only eat the beans if they are not refried!

Chinese: Any dish that isn’t breaded and deep-fried. Avoid white rice and noodles. Try and steer clear of sugar sauces like sweet and sour. Try beef and broccoli dishes, shrimp and snow peas, garlic chicken, Mongolian beef steak, or dishes that have meat and a vegetable. Ask for the chef to go easy on the oil! My personal favorite is steamed chicken with brown rice and veggies.

Thai: Any of the satay dishes (chicken, shrimp, beef, or tofu), any protein or vegetable stir-fry, steamed fish, chicken or beef lettuce rolls. Avoid fatty coconut milk curries, noodles, and white rice!

American: Hamburgers (without bread or on a whole-grain bun), turkey dogs, meat chili, veggie soups, kosher turkey bacon, white meat turkey burgers, white meat chicken, egg whites.

Indian: Choose chicken, lamb, beef, or shrimp tikka (grilled marinated meat skewers); any of the veggie dishes such as bhagan bharta (whipped eggplant), saag paneer (spinach with cheese), aloo gobi (marinated steamed cauliflower), vegetable jalfrezi (mixed vegetables). Avoid curries, rice, and naan bread!

Sushi: Stick to sashimi. Order your favorite rolls as hand rolls with no rice or brown rice. You can do this with almost any roll.

Italian: Any chicken or fish dish, salad (always with the dressing on the side). Avoid heavy, creamy, and sugary sauces, and don’t get pasta unless it’s whole wheat!

French: Any steak, chicken, or fish dish; any salad (always with the dressing on the side). Avoid rich, creamy, and sugary sauces, and don’t get potatoes unless it’s a baked or roasted potato!

Breakfast: Any egg dish with egg whites if possible, low-fat cottage cheese, sugar-free yogurt with berries, turkey bacon, smoked salmon. Avoid waffles, pancakes, bagels, muffins, doughnuts, and other pastries!

Bon appétit.

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