Stopping Emotional Eating

Emotional, mindless and habitual eating and how to stop it!

We will conquer this. It’s going to require some self-discovery. Most people rather not deal with their feelings. They rather eat them. My goal is to help you overcome any challenges you may face that make it difficult for you to stay consistent with your diet and exercise.

Robin L, a mother of 3 and a client, said:

"Your program is amazingly effective at helping me avoid eating out of boredom and emotion. The Daily Feedback is amazing because it forces me to be honest with myself. And that’s the key. It’s too easy to lie to myself. But it’s also the ‘why’ that you require us to do that makes all the difference. I now realize why I used to eat poorly and am able to see why I want to eat poorly at times. You’ve helped me change my habits and that’s what this is all about! And that’s why I’m doing so well on your program because it’s from the inside out!" – Robin L

Cats meow. Dogs bark. And whatever happened in your life that you aren’t happy about…happened. No amount of thinking, hoping or wishing will change it.

So unless you accept it, you’re just fighting reality.

Whether it’s your parents not loving you as much as you think they should, your relationship not being as fulfilling as you had envisioned, you not being as fulfilled with your career as you think you can be, or you feeling like you have tons of unfilled potential.

All these frustrations (and others) lead you to food as a reward.

These frustrations are based on a false sense of powerlessness. The problem with emotional eating is that the problem will still be there and it makes you unhealthy at the same time. Then you’ll be so sick of what you ate and you’ll get upset over that.

“I eat because I’m unhappy and I’m unhappy because I eat!” – Fat Bastard in Austin Powers

It’s a vicious cycle that only can be broken if you take action.

Action on whatever is bothering you.

The key point to remember is that you must pause before you eat. And the only way to pause before you eat is to not let yourself get very hungry, i.e. eat every 3-4 hours. (Another reason why eating every 3-4 hours is so important!)

Next time you want to reach for that crappy food, ask yourself, "Why do I really want to eat right now?" You will learn a lot about yourself.

Chances are eating that piece of crap will numb your problems for just a little bit. It’ll put you in a ‘food trance’ where everything is okay and safe. Of course, for just a little bit though.

Many people who eat crap don’t ever feel satisfied. So they keep eating more. But they still feel empty. That’s because they aren’t really hungry for food.

They are hungry for something else. Unless you can figure that out (which you haven’t been able to in the past because your blocking your feelings with the food trance) your emotional eating habits will never go away.

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