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November 20, 2017
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January 29, 2018
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MBT teaches you how to eat intuitively and listen to your body. Nothing is "off-limits". They teach you moderation and that deprivation is not the right way to lose weight.

Why it Worked (in her words)

I started working with MBT and my wonderful tutor on January 11, 2017. This wasn’t my first rodeo. I had previously lost 120 pounds by counting calories religiously. By the beginning of this year, however, I had gained all but 20 pounds back. I was disappointed in myself and feeling lost.

I reached out to Adam after finding MyBodyTutor through a Google search. It was the best decision I ever made!! After 10 months I reached my goal weight! I lost 93 pounds and feel like a whole new person!

MBT teaches you how to eat intuitively and listen to your body. Nothing is off-limits. I learned that moderation is the right way to lose weight, not deprivation. In fact, the program has worked so well in helping me learn proper eating habits that I went to Las Vegas for 4 days, ate yummy stuff, and didn’t gain a pound!

This program is worth every single cent I spent on it, plus more!! Thank you for everything Adam! And thank you to my coach! I really appreciate all you’ve done for me. I truly have a much more positive outlook on life now and I feel better than I have in years! I not only consider you my tutors and mentors, but friends as well!!


93 Pounds gone.

What did you say to yourself as you were reading Carrie’s story?

It’s fascinating when we start to notice our own behavior. Typically, we distance ourselves from that person. We find something they have that we don’t. We make them into something other than an ordinary, regular person. Then, we create an excuse for why we can’t achieve the same level of success.

The most important thing to realize: Whatever anyone else has done or become, you can do or become as well, with the right support, guidance and accountability.

Here’s the best part: I guarantee it or your money back. I sincerely believe in what we offer that much. I know MBT will be the last program you ever do or need.

Results ARE typical and to be expected with MyBodyTutor

Why? There is nothing like the power of daily and personal accountability combined with our proven system and methods. Now, it’s your turn to become the next success story! Unsure it’ll work for you? You won’t know unless you actually try it. This is why we made it risk-free for you.

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