You have to live in your body. It's worth it to give it the proper care and attention. With support and accountability, what feels impossible will become possible.

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Lost 30 pounds

Results ARE typical and to be expected with MyBodyTutor. See why at the end of this page.

If Josh can do it with MBT you can too. Yes, YOU! (No, we’re not yelling. We just really believe in what we do.)

1) How did you find out about us?

I knew I wanted a diet coach, so I Googled and found MyBodyTutor. Then I read the testimonials and they convinced me to give it a shot.

2) What have you tried in the past?

I’ve tried going it alone. My weight has been a bit of a rollercoaster but I’ve been overweight for the large majority of my adult life. Within that period I tried fad diets, fasting, and the like, and nothing stuck.

3) What was the main reason, doubt or insecurity that was holding you back from signing up?

There really was nothing holding me back. I knew I wanted a coach and I found one.

4) What was life like before you started working with MBT?

I’d been successful in my profession, had a beautiful wife and daughter, and a warm and loving community. A major problem, though, was food. I ate too much, was very overweight, and had given up on trying to lose weight. I felt a lot of despair around my health and my body. My best hope was to hold the line and not gain any more weight, but this felt unlikely, given I had a baby son on the way; I figured I’d be under a lot of stress and that stress eating would be inevitable.

5) What were your hopes before joining?

I really hoped I could turn things around. I absolutely did not want to become one of those dads with high stress jobs and kids who just let their bodies go due to all the stress and responsibility. That’s where it felt like things were inevitably going, and I hoped MBT could help.

6) How is MBT different from the billion other companies out there?

MBT is different because of the personal touch and experience of your guys’ mentors. My coach taught me to have an entirely different relationship with food than I’d had in my previous 38 years of life. And he did so with gentleness and insistence so that I was really able to take his advice and coaching in and make it stick.

7) Where are you now?

I lost 30 pounds, and have kept it off for about a year. People tell me I look great, and I feel great in my own body. I was never interested in becoming a professional athlete or looking like a model, but I’m no longer overweight, and am convinced that I can sustain my present weight indefinitely. I got exactly what I wanted out of this program; it’s been life changing.

If you’re despairing about whether or not you can ever get control of your health, please do take the risk and sign up. You have to live in your body. It’s worth it to give it the proper care and attention. And with outside support and accountability, what felt impossible will become possible.


30 pounds gone.


What did you say to yourself as you were reading Josh’s story?

It’s fascinating when we start to notice our own behavior. Typically, we distance ourselves from that person. We find something they have that we don’t. We make them into something other than an ordinary, regular person. Then, we create an excuse for why we can’t achieve the same level of success.

The most important thing to realize: Whatever anyone else has done or become, you can do or become as well, with the right support, guidance and accountability.

Here’s the best part: I guarantee it or your money back. I sincerely believe in what we offer that much. I know MBT will be the last program you ever do or need.

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