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Liz H.

Wanted to lose weight without being neurotic!

Liz Before and After

If Liz can do it with MBT you can too. Yes, YOU! (No, we're not yelling. We just really believe in what we do.)

The Problem

After realizing she weighed a lot more than she thought, Liz decided it was time to do something. Liz tried other weight loss programs but they made her feel neurotic with all of the counting. Liz, like most people, was very good at starting a program. However, like most people, she found it to be extremely difficult to actually stick with it- meal by meal, workout by workout, day by day.

Liz needed daily and personal accountability along with a realistic and sustainable lifestyle. Unlike most people, she was honest enough with herself to realize that she needed some help. The first step to solving any problem (and always the hardest part) is acknowledging that you do have a problem.

95% of people won't acknowledge they need help when it comes to weight loss and that's why year after year those same people are making resolutions. They keep on starting but fail to keep on going. If staying consistent were easy, everyone would do it. Luckily for Liz, there is no better place to be than MyBodyTutor!

The Action Plan

Liz immediately loved our common sense approach. We created an exercise and diet plan for her that she felt extremely comfortable with.

Liz loves, like many of us, her bakery indulgences. We built that into her lifestyle so she didn't feel deprived. We also worked on figuring out why she loved visiting the bakery so much.

By working with her every day, we'd be able to identify triggers, patterns and behaviors that eventually lead up to her bakery visits. I knew we'd be able to help her lose the weight once and for all via the MBT program because we'd be able to keep her motivated and on track each day. And with our simple approach to health and fitness she was sure to be a success.

Why it Worked (in her words) 

I love food.  I'm a vegetarian which sounds healthy, but being a vegetarian doesn't mean you can't eat bakery. After college, when I was about ten pounds heavier than I'd like to be, I tried Weight Watchers, but the whole counting-points system struck me as neurotic and really just made me more fixated on food than I was before. After trying it and deciding it wasn't for me, I stopped thinking about my weight - for about two years. 

I also found a tea shop in my city with the most incredible cupcakes and other treats ever, and proceeded to eat them with abandon.  My clothes got tighter and tighter, which annoyed me in the back of my head, and I didn't like how I looked in pictures, but I didn't think about it or confront it head-on until I randomly stepped on the scale at my aunt's house one day and found I weighed nearly 20 pounds more than I thought I did.  That was when I decided to do something about it.

I managed to lose about 8 pounds on my own, but my discipline was starting to lessen, and I knew I needed a serious change for me to be able to continue to get healthier - and stay that way!

I happened upon Adam's website as a link from a blog on happiness on slate.com.  I liked it immediately because it's common-sense, not gimmicky. In the beginning, when I was feeling frustrated, Adam asked me if I could think of a better way to lose weight than eating healthy and exercising consistently, and I couldn't.  And that's what I like about the program. There are no secret tricks, no weird, obsessive behaviors you have to do (counting calories, etc), nothing but simply eating right and getting exercise. This is, of course, what I already knew I needed to do.  I didn't doubt this.  I doubted my ability to keep up the behavior on my own.

THAT is what makes My Body Tutor so great - not that there is a special trick, but that you are held accountable!  Having to communicate with Adam about how I was doing made it much more difficult for me to justify unhealthy behavior.

I am incredibly stubborn.  It was difficult sometimes hearing things from Adam that I didn't want to hear - for example, that he didn't excuse or allow me to justify eating a couple of not-even-that-great cookies.  The great thing is that as stubborn as I am, Adam is more stubborn, and kept me motivated.

The couple of months I spent with My Body Tutor have helped me reset myself, so that I am eating healthy and moving more, and I have continued even since then to lose weight and get in better shape, because of the behaviors Adam has helped me get used to.  Thanks Adam!


15 Pounds gone.*

*Results ARE typical and to be expected with MyBodyTutor. Why?

There is nothing like the power of daily and personal accountability combined with our proven system and methods. Now, it’s your turn to become the next success story! Unsure it’ll work for you? You won’t know unless you actually try it. This is why we made it risk-free for you. Join now!