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Consistency in and of its own isn't sexy, but it's by product, long term weight loss, brought a fit, healthy and happy Megan across the finish line like the winner she is.

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Lost 35 pounds

Results ARE typical and to be expected with MyBodyTutor. See why at the end of this page.

The Problem

Megan was a passionate person; passionate as in heartfelt, spirited, energetic, consuming.

The problem was the consumption. Megan was riding several horses a day, eating what she wanted and happy with her health – until she wasn’t. Megan came to the realization that despite her active lifestyle she had gained a significant amount of weight.

Time for MyBodyTutor to saddle up and take the reigns!

The Action Plan

It was clear that we had our work cut out for us in convincing Megan that MyBodyTutor was like no other company online or in the world for that matter.

In Megan’s own words she stated that she was a skeptic of anything online pertaining to weight loss. She knew about nutrition and exercise just like the majority of the clients we serve. Megan identified her problem as a lack of self discipline.

To which we said “Hold your horses, accountability is the cornerstone of My Body Tutor!”

We had Megan start with tiny changes that with consistency added up to impressive changes. The decreasing numbers on the scale equaled an increased energy level of epic proportions.

Consistency in and of its own isn’t sexy, but it’s by product, long term weight loss, brought a fit, healthy and happy Megan across the finish line like the winner she is.

Why it worked (in her words)

We had no idea Megan was a writer. So when she told us she wanted to write about MBT for a national magazine because she was so happy with our program and her results, we were excited to say the least. You can read Megan’s highly entertaining story by clicking here.


35 Pounds gone.


What did you say to yourself as you were reading Megan’s story?

It’s fascinating when we start to notice our own behavior. Typically, we distance ourselves from that person. We find something they have that we don’t. We make them into something other than an ordinary, regular person. Then, we create an excuse for why we can’t achieve the same level of success.

The most important thing to realize: Whatever anyone else has done or become, you can do or become as well, with the right support, guidance and accountability.

Here’s the best part: I guarantee it or your money back. I sincerely believe in what we offer that much. I know MBT will be the last program you ever do or need.

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