Ariana A few months prior to my 6th birthday, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. While my parents have a much different view of this experience, I remember being an active participant curious to know what was going on and even offering to help when nurses would administer my meds. Fortunately, I went into remission and stayed healthy! During a visit to the hospital in my teens, I was asked to speak to parents whose child was recently diagnosed. The hope I saw in their eyes convinced me that I needed to help people one way or another!

When I got to college, I quickly became engrossed in the “Greek life” scene and decided to pledge a sorority. By the end of freshman year, I was living on free beer and fast food. I gained most of the “Freshman Fifteen” and while I never worried about my diet or body before, something I read in a magazine got me interested in “living healthier”. So, I took on the “eat less, move more” mindset to heart and by the end of that summer lost a good deal of weight (close to 15lbs). What was I eating? Low fat this and diet that! It’s what was considered healthy right?

I returned to school to compliments left and right which was the fuel I needed to keep up with this “lifestyle” – eat less, move more. The weight kept coming off and so did my health. By the following summer I was severely underweight and had the mentality that every morsel of food I ate needed to be worked off with exercise. I became less fun to be around, started having anxiety attacks, and lost my period. But hey, I “looked good” right?

After reading a book that opened my eyes to the realities of our food systems, I decided to become a vegetarian. Not surprisingly, even though I did start focusing on organic vegetarian options, I was still experiencing symptoms of imbalance, still obsessing about food, and my period had yet to return. I finally got serious and set out to see a naturopath. She suggested the following: full fat everything, organic meats, and rest. I kid you not when I saw my period was back by the end of the month!

That was it – that was when I knew the advice we have all been given about low fat, calories in vs calories out, and restriction were wrong! What happened to eating REAL FOOD?? What happened to seeing food as nourishment and not as something we should fear? My new perspective on food – that it was meant to support health – allowed me to gain freedom from obsession. I stopped worrying about how much I was eating and stopped trying to burn it all off.

In 2016 I got some wonderful news: I was pregnant!! The women who lost her period and was told I’d be lucky if I got pregnant without assistance was going to have a baby. I knew my shift in diet (to more nutrient dense well rounded meals) and approach to food (nourishment vs fear) helped me.

In 2018, I became a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant! Juggling a growing boy, family time, a full time job, and school were not easy but my core values came first. I fueled my body so that I could enjoy sustained energy and balanced hormones. I prioritized home cooked meals over take out and when I indulged I did so with intention and without obsession! No more “food noise” meant I could focus on the things that mattered most to me.

As a nutritional therapist I value bioindividuality. We are all different and require an individual approach to our health. That same idea is what caught my eye when I looked into MBT. Individualized approaches for each client that take into consideration not only their diet but also their past and present! Nutrition isn’t just the food that feeds you but it is also the other stuff in life that feeds your soul! As an MBT tutor I am excited to work with you to find your healthy balance so that you can feel confident in your own skin and stop obsessing over what, when, and how to eat! I know first hand the road can be hard but that’s what I’m here for – to support, encourage, and guide you every step of the way towards reaching your goals!

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