Caryn Can you Imagine me covered head to toe in a wetsuit, gloves, booties and cap, swimming in the winter ocean? Try to envision this because I want you to know my story starting NOW. I gained and lost weight over the course of a few decades because I used food to manage painful emotions. Yet now that you can find me clad in neoprene swimming on a sunny day in the 38F ocean, I’m delighted to tell you that pride, strength, confidence, and happiness are my new friends. And guess what? I’m finally learning to cherish myself. There are many reasons for this, but one reason is weight loss and consistent exercise, which includes learning to swim in the ocean during winter months and loving it. More importantly, I’ve learned how to finally use my thinking mind, not my emotional mind, to determine when I eat, what I eat and how much I eat without depending on the old habits of deprivation and will power which never proved sustainable anyway.

Since you might like to know a bit more about me, when I’m not swimming, I ride my new yellow bike as much as possible because I’m working up to a 20-mile round trip beach ride. I’m also a teacher and I guide adult immigrant students to develop their English language skills while I help prepare them for college. Since teaching has been my trade for a while now, I have been blessed to know hundreds of students from all parts of the globe, and we have engaged in meaningful collaboration. My days are also filled with parenting a teen, a worthy challenge, and we take car rides with our Great Pyrenees, who we rescued, and our elderly Shetland Sheepdog while listening to the latest rap, hip hop and more.

Why did I join My Body Tutor?

I believe everyone has the potential of making decisions and sticking with them until their goal is met. Yet, I also believe that the most enjoyable and productive way to do this, and usually the most successful way, is through collaboration. The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” is accurate from my point of view. Therefore, being one of the members in your “village” would give me the opportunity to share kindness, patience, and optimism with you. I would guide you towards incorporating a variety of doable and sustainable skills in your life that will help you prioritize your health and well-being. And, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than that.

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