Chel R.

Chel I have never been effortlessly thin or blessed with a “good metabolism.” If I even look at a cheese pizza or chocolate cake, I gain three pounds. It’s always taken work, but for many years I have maintained being in shape and feeling amazingly happy and confident. I understand the struggles of maintaining a healthy weight. But I also know how fantastic it feels to be your healthiest and look your best, and you deserve that!

I have been teaching yoga and fitness classes for years in gyms, yoga studios and luxury hotels. I love working with my students of all levels and helping them achieve their peak fitness. I’ve watched many of my students lose weight, keep it off, and even be able to stop taking prescription medications!

Like many, I had a lot of confidence and body issues growing up. I never dreamed that in my 30’s I would be living so comfortably in a bikini or performing on stage in dance costumes. I want everyone to experience this confidence and stop the negative thinking and body shaming.

I’ve earned a B.A. in Journalism and Spanish from Virginia Wesleyan College and a M.S. in Communications from Syracuse University. Once a marketer and freelance writer, I’ve turned my passion for yoga and fitness into a career I love. I am a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki 1 & 2 certified and a holistic wellness coach.

I live bi-coastal, teaching yoga and dance in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and performing circus arts in San Diego, California. I also teach yoga abroad and love to travel the world.

Why Did I Join MyBodyTutor?

Nothing makes me happier than helping people improve their health and wellness. As a yoga and fitness instructor, I am fortunate to make an impact on people in-person each time I teach a class. MyBodyTutor offers me the opportunity to extend my reach online to help even more people! But what’s great about MBT is that while it’s based online, I am still able to develop a relationship with clients and commit my personal attention to each one.

We all have the power within us to enjoy good health, happiness and prosperity. I’m passionate about helping people find their personal power and make the right choices each day to achieve success.

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