Dan K.

Dan K. Before he knew it, Dan Koifman had gained 50 pounds.

Not too long ago, “thanks” to a high-stress, round-the-clock job, Dan had to put in late hours and ate at his desk, and what he ate wasn’t all that healthy.

The extra weight had a real impact on my life. He slept poorly, had no energy, and craved naps in the middle of the day. He was at the same time overweight yet undernourished.

One day, Dan looked in the mirror and said to himself, “how did I let myself go and get to this point? One chin is enough.” He needed to make a change but he could never have done it by himself.

Dan became a client of MyBodyTutor and hired a personal trainer. Together this combo made him unstoppable. In total he peeled off over 70 pounds and took an entire foot off his waistline. Because of MBT, today Dan can fits into his college jeans.

This personal change snowballed into a professional one. Dan decided to dedicate his life to help other people reach their fitness goals. He left a glamorous PR career where he managed media relations for the Emmy Awards, technology startups and philanthropists that would fly him to Bermuda to have meetings on their yachts. While it was exciting, it wasn’t fulfilling. He was pushing paper rather than pushing people to help them see what they were capable of.

Today this MyBodyTutor client and success story has transformed from a student to a teacher dedicated to helping others reach their goals.

Dan Koifman is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, and is certified in Pre/Post Natal Fitness. He holds a bachelors degree in Management and International Studies from Baruch College. He currently lives in New York, with his dog and two laptops.

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