Dena Hi there! I’m Dena, and I want to thank you for taking a peek at my little bio. What gives me the right to be your coach here at MBT? Well, here’s my story. My mom has managed a gym since I can remember. Health and fitness is what we lived and breathed. No junk food in the house. Started working out regularly around 9th grade. Seems good, right? What is attached to health and fitness a lot of the time comes with a price. A price of never being good enough. Not strong enough, not thin enough, you should eat cleaner, work out harder, longer etc.. So, what does a short curvy girl do at the ripe age of 14? Diet pills, starvation, calorie counting, binging, lots of tears and asking why is this so hard.

This went on throughout my 20s. There was the military diet, Isogenixs, keto, low fat high carb, macro counting and veganism amongst other experiments.

I’ve been overweight and underweight. What I realized is no matter what my weight was, I was still unhappy. If I was thin, I had to keep up whatever diet I was doing to stay there. If I was overweight I just thought of how I can get rid of it as fast as possible. Have you been there??

I had enough. I just want to be stable. Live an active lifestyle, eat whole foods until I am full and not think about my weight constantly. So my journey to stability began. I became certified as an Integrative Nutrition coach and really worked on WHY I was eating, and HOW my body felt with the foods I was giving it. I feel in control of what I am eating and what I am doing, I am aware of

My habits and I now know how I can correct a bad habit I have carried along with me.

I decided to work with MBT because their approach is really the only way of understanding and changing the WAY we eat, not WHAT we eat. This is not a numbers game, but mindset. I’m here to guide you towards your happiest self by changing your relationship with food and get out of the cycle of guilt and shame that can surround us. So, let’s go for this challenging, but more importantly empowering journey together and get you to your strongest self!

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