Jami Lynn Hey there!!! Obviously you can see… My name is Jami-Lynn. I am a southern girl with a double name, but if that’s too long for you, you can certainly call me JL. I am a proud farmer’s wife, which means I experience what feels like a very long season of solo parenting if you know anything about harvest. My two boys are my biggest blessings, each coming after experiencing loss. I am a certified group exercise instructor as well as a life and health coach. Exercise was not a passion of mine until my college years, but until that time came, I had spent my life as an overweight dancer who felt like a football player in a tutu. Dieting started as early as middle school and continued well into my adult life. Even as a fitness instructor, I was always trying the newest thing from eating only 500 calories to injections. After a few short years of maintaining a comfortable weight and establishing good self esteem, I fell in love and we started making babies. Four pregnancies in four years, three c-sections, and losing my first born on her birth date did a lot, not just to my body, but to my mind and soul.

After my last baby turned one, I mustered up the courage to seek help to get me back to the woman I used to be. I was a fitness instructor who should know what to do, right? But I needed someone to walk through this journey with me. I had taken a break during a very hard season and knew what I needed was some accountability. That’s when I actually found MyBodyTutor as a client. I joined wanting help reaching my pre-baby weight and to learn how to talk more kindly to myself. MyBodyTutor gave me so much more than that. I realized there was no going back to who I once was, I was moving forward into an even better me. It was a period of rediscovery, of trying new things, letting go of the old, and transforming into someone that I became proud of.

So why MBT? Being a client led me to realize I wanted to be a part of MyBodyTutor indefinitely. My third goal became to prepare myself to become one of the tutors. One of the things I loved the most was how tailored this was just for me. This program quickly became less about the scale and more about whole body transformation – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This experience has inspired me to give you the same opportunity I had. Together we will work through some deep roots and develop a game plan that allows you to transform into the person you were created to be. I can’t wait to watch you spread your wings and fly.

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