Julie Hey everyone! My name is Julie and I’m so excited for you to read this to get to know me a little bit better. I’ve been certified as a health coach for a couple years now, but the idea of fitness, clean eating, and healthy living has always been a huge part of my life. I’d even say that at some times it was too much a part of my life! Let me give you some background to tell you what I mean.

One of my loves in life is change. New places and new faces just excite me so much! Since I’ve been a young adult, I’ve lived in several cities across the country until I’ve been ready to move on to the next. Along with the love for change in location has been my fixation with the latest and greatest fitness or diet craze. You name it…I’ve tried it. To the point of it becoming an obsession. Until one day I realized that just like anything else, being obsessed with all these new fads can become something that’s not ideal. Making sure I get the exact number of reps in at the gym, counting my macros during every meal, reading article after article on what new trend I need to take part in. That’s no way to live!!!

So I put the books down, shut down the electronics, and had some quiet time to myself to really self-reflect on what it means to be healthy. Really healthy. Mind, body, and soul. And to me, what I’ve found is that as long as I’m doing everything in moderation, then it’ll be ok. If I miss one workout, if my body isn’t feeling quite up to it, if I’m craving a certain thing…then guess what??? That’s what my body needs. There isn’t a cookie-cutter workout or diet regimen that is perfect for anybody besides whoever designed it. And that’s why I love the idea of My Body Tutor so much and why I feel like it can be life changing for anybody. There’s no need for you to obsess over every calorie and every gym trip. Let’s look at YOUR lifestyle. Let’s look at what YOU want and what YOU need and develop something around THAT. Once I realized that following someone else’s ideal lifestyle wasn’t going to translate to making me who I want to be, it was like the world’s weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I was introduced to MBT from a friend I’ve coached with in the past who found such joy in supporting and encouraging others to work through challenges they individually face. I appreciate the approach that Adam has created for MyBodyTutor as it teaches us the behind the scenes of our food choices and how to personally address your concerns. We’re here to hold you accountable and support you through these changes. The approach with MBT guides you to have a healthy relationship with food and movement to feel good!

So that’s me… come on in… let me look at what you want, and we can do what is best for you!

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